Thursday 27 March 2008

Local 2020 summit

Member for Leichhardt Jim Turnour is inviting far northern families, business owners, young people and senior citizens to participate in local 2020 summit, ahead of the Australia 2020 summit in Canberra later in April.

On 5th April 2008, Jim will host a local summit to ensure the best local ideas are collected and included in national process. He wants to encourage people from all walks of life to have a direct say in the Australia of the future.

Please register you name by telephoning Jim’s office on 4051 2220.

If you missed Jim's maiden speech a couple of weeks ago, here it is, on his sister's blog...
  • “Political leaders and governments impact the daily lives of the citizens they represent. The good ones provide leadership and vision that can inspire great endeavour and achievement and that can heal historical pain and suffering.

    Through legislation, they shape the foundations of the country and the society they envision. So the decisions we make in this parliament can improve the lives of every Australian, whether they know it or not. And I can think of no more important or rewarding work than to be part of a government ready to provide that leadership, to be part of a government ready to shape the foundations for a fairer and more prosperous society that ensures that every Australian—no matter their economic, social or cultural background—has the opportunity to participate fully and reach their potential.

    This is the Labor ideal, and I am proud to be part of a Labor government. I therefore come to this parliament recognising the power that we as a government possess and determined not to waste the opportunity that I have been given to help shape a fairer and more prosperous Australia.



Anonymous said...

One can only admire the attempt to engage the community with the political processes and to get Aussies off their rings and be CITIZENS again. However, I don't like Jim Turnour, so this one citizen here won't be there.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Turnour has little influence in Canberra, despite his massive swing in Leichhardt. Doesn't seem as if any locals have been appointed to the REAL 2020 committee.

Anonymous said...

Jim Turnour's speech is fine.

I would prefer to read it on his own website, rather than in between the scribbles of a notorious anti-environmentalist and her revolting cheer squad.

No-one can pick their siblings, but Jim could perhaps get his own website together and stop leaning on his naughty sister - a woman who has made a lucrative career out of undermining the efforts of others who, without the lubrication of corporate sponsorship, struggle against entrenched vested interests to conserve what’s left of planet earth.

The highlight of her vile site, in my opinion, is this page.

A Sneer too Far, presumably?

Anonymous said...

Syd is correct. The speech should be on Jim's own website.

Rat2 said...

For the 20 million people not invited to the 2020 Summit, the online community created a wiki so people across Australia could post, discuss, and vote on the best ideas for the country. It’s like a virtual 2020 Summit for the whole country. It’s totally a grassroots effort. It’s free, can be anonymous, and isn’t being sponsored by any political party, corporation, union, or special interests. It’s just people who want to encourage an online national brainstorming session.

The site is at There are pages for over 20 different issues and even an online petition to get the best ideas heard at the actual Summit.

For your amusement and that of the public’s, we also created a funny web “commercial” for the site – it’s of Kevin Rudd, Brendan Nelson, and Peter Garrett break dancing. Check that out at

It’s a great way for everyone to participate in the summit.

Jim Rettew