Wednesday 26 March 2008

Pyne delivers on first promise

The new Division 3 Councillor, Robert Pyne has delivered on his first election promise.

During the campaign, Robert had to enlist the help of every volunteer he could find.

He asked for the help of his 10 year old daughter, Katie.

"If you help me during the campaign, I'll get you whatever you want," Robert said.

Following his successful election, Katie asked for her wish to come true, and yesterday Robert delivered.

Katie took her dad shopping for a puppy to join the family.

Fairy, Fury, Flip, and Fleur were an abandoned family without a home at YAPs. in need of a loving home.

YAPs, situated at Smithfield, is an animal refuge to rescue dogs and cats around the region. They also have boarding kennels available. YAPs re-home abandoned, abused and unwanted animals.
Now, three month old Fleur, a Kelpie Cross, is the latest resident in Division 3.

"I'm a great supporter of the work YAPs do in the community. From a public policy point of view, it is extremely important to support the work that they undertake," says Robert Pyne.

Along with Katie, the Pyne's resident dog, three year old Duchess, is also delighted with her new companion.

Personally if I was Katie, I would have asked for that awful multi-unit high-density high rise on Woree's old to caravan holiday park to be demolished. That would have been my election wish.


Anonymous said...

go rob! you live it! you breathe it!

see you at council!! yeehah!!

are they onto fixing the doors so you can get in yet?

Anonymous said...

Well done to you all!