Wednesday 19 March 2008

Basil Brush is a racist

Gypsies have complained that Basil Brush is racist because his TV show depicted a gypsy woman trying to sell the [puppet] fox wooden pegs and a bunch of heather.

Boom Boom.

Hat Tip: KiwiBlog


Anonymous said...

Awwww nooooooooo, noooooooo! I loved Basil Brush! I was gonna MARRY him when I grew up! Sheeeessh!

Anonymous said...

basil brush has always had a hard drugs' use problem and his latest outburst is just another example of this. Stay off the meth basil!

Anonymous said...

last anon, have U been on internet like 2 seconds or something, u should not use uppercase for such a long message! I didn't/have'nt-nor will even read it or look at it! It is more or less called 'flamng'
Try exclmation marks instead! I seriously have not read your message, post it in lower case and I will then. Ps. we r almost into 2cnd C od 21stC, flaming is like 10 years ago!

Zetawilk said...

It sure would be nice if a Google search for "Basil Brush" didn't turn up hundreds of pages claiming that "Basil Brush is a racist". He's not a racist. This is just more politically correct paranoia. Encountering all these Google results is bound to negatively influence our stupider internet dwellers, just as how highly impressionable people are stupidly influenced by even the slightest indication of anything that could be construed as a stereotype.