Sunday 30 March 2008

Beaches community forums called for

Former City Councillor, Ross Parisi calls for active community associations to be formed on the northern beaches to keep their new Councillor accountable.

It is now official that Sno Bonneau suffered a 15% swing against him and now sits on a 7% margin. The swings that occur in a local government election are volatile and a 7% swing is a paper thin majority.

Sno can be forced into quitting if the blow torch is applied. He wont be able to rely on his duplicity as he wont be given the opportunity to hide behind Val and pass blame onto her as he readily did with Kevin Byrne.

I have it on good authority that he trembled with fear of defeat as early figures rolled in. We all know that his fragile ego would not sustain a determined effort to unseat him and he very well may throw in the towel.

To this end what is needed are two Community residents forums. One established for Kewarra/Trinity and the other for Smithfield/Lake Placid. There are numerous issues that need attention and above all we must keep him honest and accountable.

First hand experience shows that Sno preforms poorly at public meetings and much prefers one on one dialogue where his agility has allowed him to prevail.

I would welcome comments and input on the above suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Sno!

He puts you upstart retirees and bastards in the beaches where you belong.

Parisi is a known tosser - always has and will be.

Anonymous said...

Prince Snow Boob sees peasant groups as a threat ... he's not at all comfortable being a servant of the peasants ... it pays better to be a self server.

Anonymous said...

We live on Saxon Street just near the Bonneaus- easily the worst neighbours on the block, with cars routinely parked on the nature strip and footpath for no reason.

Would someone please advise how much longer we're going to have to put up with these people before he has to move into his division? Clifton wants him out of here ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you have to live in your Division (unfortunately).

he must be the most reviled man in Clifton at the moment. And leopards don't change their spots, so it won't be long, before he is hated in Division 9 too.

Anonymous said...


Sno can't be "forced into quitting if a blowtorch is applied". He's survived his last term despite being continually ridiculed in public - I saw neighbours lambasting him at Clifton Village, and he regularly parks in handicapped spaces so big is this man's ego. He'll put his head down, ignore his constituents, and collect his $100K a year. He's unemployable anywhere else, the man ran a newsagency into the ground for god's sake!

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth in the talk that he fleeted over to India for 2 months during his last term to escape the furore over the rates and charges fiasco.

I further understand he is out and about organising his next escapade. I hope the Council does not give him leave to again travel while still collecting his stipend.

Whats our chances of hearing from Sno direct?

Anonymous said...

Hi bloggers! I am new to this blog site and only recently moved to the Northern Beaches. I find this blog interesting and at times humourous. Some of the stories are fascinating, while others are skillfully put together.

There are numerous humourous entries about an "Electric Sno Ant' and a Councillor called Sno Bonneau.

Can bloggers familiar to this site please fill me in. Why is Sno Bonneau so disliked on the Northern Beaches?

Anonymous said...

Re Snojob
According to another website on the Northern Beaches, Councillor Bonneau has still not contacted them re their email to him (dated18/3/2008) which said
Here's what we have again asked him;
"Hello Sno,
You have not returned our email and replied.
As per my comments (on behalf of WTP web site) McKenzie talk back on Monday, we fully intend to take the matter of Council's 'wealth tax' (hidden in the 'special levy') to a new level following the election outcome.
John McKenzie has stated he will follow up with you about this ridiculous wealth tax (we will remind him) that the old administration you supported implemented.
Further, and following a meeting with 9 local concerned & affected ratepayers on Monday night, we have all agreed to host a meeting with a national media crew that has shown a great deal
of interest in both the web site and what is happening with this Council tax.
I now ask you once again, will you fully support us (boat berth owners, yorkey's and Bluewater and waterfront owners) to propose to move a motion to abandon this travesty in light of Council's
Rob Reilly (cairns rates) stating in writing to our question on why we are paying this ridiculous tax
Rob Reilly has claimed we are paying for this for a "Safer Access to the Sea" We say: Since When do private Citizens (some do not even own a boat) have to take responsibility for
Public Safety in a Public Waterway?!!!!!!
If you will not fully support us, will you be available to attend the public meeting with the media to explain your position?

If this non communciation between Cllr Bonneau and these residents remains true, then, as of last Thursday, when Mr Bonneau again, swore allegiance to the Local Govt Act of Queensland and agreed to Code of Conduct for Councillors under this Act, then he is in breach, and by rights, should be held accountable through misconduct charges.

Sno just doesn't get it - he does not understand who it is that he is representing and that he has legal obligations under this Act to communicate with his constituents, even if it is to tell them news that they do not want to hear etc.

The residents of Trinity Park must submit misconduct charges against this man who is not representing their interests or even communicating with them.
Shame, Sno, Shame on YOU!

Anonymous said...

'Public Waterway' my arse
Pay for you what play with
Still trying to bludge of
the rest of us hard working ratepayers
Typical of you lot always wanting more than a fair share, wanting the rest of us to pay for your privileged

Hope the council does not give into this squeaky wheel.....

Anonymous said...

ta.. said; '180 private vessels use the public access 24 hours of the day'

Sounds like a private little lurk to me that you shonks want us to pay for (actually said punlic but we all make mistakes)

I will relent when we have some SunBus ships plying these waters that we can all access....

We pay for the road to your residences, we don't also want to pay for your recreation or business costs

Please CRC don't let the squeaky wheel talk you into have having me subsidise these parasites.....

Anonymous said...

So Thats about 0.0053 of the population assuming 4 people per vessel use this private sea access for the rich.....