Thursday 13 March 2008

No connections to Villa

The management of Piccolo Cucina restaurant in Lake Street has defended that it doesn't give away a free lunch to the Mayor of Cairns.
Piccolo hosted Mayor Byrne and his guests last week, whilst at the same time he sent his deputy Terry James to front the CAFNEC environment mayoral debate.
The management have defended any suggestion of free gifts to the mayor.
"Mr Byrne does indeed pay," they told CairnsBlog. "Just like everyone else."
"Piccolo Cucina has no connections to Villa...thank you."
The strong anti feelings about the abuse of building extensions at Villa Romana seem to run deep among other business owners in the city.
On Monday, the Cairns 1st 'demolition crew' turned up to Villa Romana to say they would demand the illegal extension onto public footpath be removed when they are elected.
Richie Bates, whose Division 5 encompasses the prominent Esplanade restaurant, says that this is an example where the Council, especially the Mayor, is seen to be to close to those that want favours, without following due process.
Kevin Byrne approached Richie Bates at the Mulgrave Street Pavilion, where Council election pre-polling has been underway for a week.
"Was that Mike, the blog guy on the jack hammer?" he asked Bates. "No, Kevin!" he confirmed.
"I see they gave you all some champagne," Kevin Byrne said. "Yes they did. They are god hosts. But we don't accept bribes," Bates told the Mayor.
Byrne used to dine at Villa Romana every week until the storm surrounding the illegal extension blew up 8 months ago.
Villa Romana gave a cash donation to the Mayor's election campaign in 2004.


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