Tuesday 18 March 2008

No war march filmed by police

"I must be back in Queensland," Susan told me as she marched from City Place to the nearby Defence Recruitment Centre in Lake Street.

The march, organised by Cairns Peace by Peace, commemorated five years since Australian soldiers have been in Iraq.

Susan wasn't talking about the 86% humidity we had around midday, nor the ocean breeze. She was talking about the small army of police, with Federal instructions to capture everyone on film. Even the Cairns Post photographer appeared to scare off the police officer when he tried to catch them on camera!

When I questioned police officer Mardi, she told me it was for "intel" [intelligence]. "It will stay in my office," she reassured me, but wouldn't allow to pose for a CairnsBlog photo

Bring back Joh!


Anonymous said...

Why do we let the war mongerers kill us ?
Civilian deaths WW2 59.1 million
Civilian deaths Korea,Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam,Afgh anistan, Iraq $17.8 million
Want to know more, read this article from an Australian author
Australia Threatened
By US State Terrorism
Dr Gideon Polya
Melbourne, Victoria


Anonymous said...

I thought the Joh days were suppose to be over.

Was'nt the Special Police Branch that kept files on non complying citizens closed down by the Goss Government in 1989.

Is police taking video evidence for "Intel" purposes an indication that it has been re established.

I would like our local State Government representatives to confirm what is the position.

Anonymous said...

gee, surprised the coppers didn't have sniffer dogs there as well. If coppers were there for intelligence gathering that is fair enough cos they do need more intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I for one WANT my police to be keeping tabs on convicted criminals like Brian Law.

Seems to be an eminently reasonable technique to rein-in serial recidivists.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take Australians to start listening to the economists and wake up to the fact that American's "sub-prime banking crisis" (now taking down America's banks) was fuelled when the American Government printed more money as a response to the excessive costs of the IRAQ WAR.
Many of our superannuation fund managers bought into these "sub-prime mortgage" financial packages, not knowing what they were. As a direct result, many Aussies are seeing their superannuation funds making losses.
(Check out yours.)
In other words, we are all being made to pay for the Iraq War which the economists have said has now surpassed the cost of the Vietnam War and may even pass the cost of World War 11.

Anonymous said...

if copper mardi is standing outside in public she has no right to refuse having her photo taken! This is problem with uneducated police officers.
Like 20yo police officers who say that pot is a dangerous drug, like what the f*k would they know, are they scientists, uni-educated psychs and the like! Of course they're just upholding the law they would say but if the law said they had to kill every red headed person would they still obey?

Anonymous said...

anon#5, I agree!

Anonymous said...

I'm more relaxed than Mike about being filmed by police at public demonstrations. After all it's been happening now at every Cairns action for around seven years.

The videos created are available if I want under the FOI, and can also be subpoenad for use in Court regarding any charges I or others might face. This can actually protect me and my my friends from unfair or unlawful treatment by Police.

The big negative is for those people who wish to express a political view without being identified, and possibly subjected to following political and/or police harassment. I've noticed this is a particular fear for people who are residents rather than citizens, and who are therefore vulnerable to immigration proceedings.

My view is that folk need to be courageous and stand up openly for what they believe in. But we also need to support those who are attacked and make sure the police and politicians are themselves held accountable for what they do.

Won't it be great when citizens in this country have a genuine alliance with police and public officials that celebrates the expression of political and cultural diversity?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, Brian Outlaw Go Home. 3 quick points:

1/ Learn to spell. My name is Bryan.

2/ "Serial recidivist" is clunky and redundant language. One is or isn't a recidivist. I am.

3/ I am home, fuckwit. You must be inspired by that Alice Springs resident collecting a petition against me.

It always amuses me when political opponents turn into nazis at the drop of a hat. You may not have noticed, but in Australia we have the right to move freely without a pass or permit. You might want to repace that with pass laws, but you're in a tiny small-minded minority sport.

Anonymous said...

Brian Law is an Aussi hero ... he, and others, last year sacrificed themselves for our Freedom of Information on Pine Gap.

If we Australians knew what really goes on there it would blow our minds.

We are dupes and victims of the war mongerers who since World War 2 have killed over 77 million civilians ... thats over 3 times the population of Australia.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but when USA goes down the drain we are totally fukked! Run to the hills!

Anonymous said...

The USA is going down the drain, make no mistake. Their economy is ratshit!

Anonymous said...

last anon, u r so right!!