Saturday 15 March 2008

Val votes for Val

Maybe there was a blessing at Mother of Good Counsel School in North Cairns this afternoon, or a divine intervention.

Whatever the calling, Val Schier was hoping for something from above today as she cast her vote in the Cairns Regional Council election.

"It's not a difficult decision," she said as she ticked the box for herself and her Division 7 colleague, Diane Forysth.

"This is an important election, and I hope the will of the community is to change," Val said to the waiting media. This is Schier's second bid for the Cairns mayoralty, and along with seven in her team contesting most divisions, she appeared happy and buoyant that the long campaign has come to an end.

"It's been a long few months," Val told CairnsBlog. "I've visited most polling booths today, and there seems a real mood in the community for change. We'll just have to wait and see," she said.

After a rather rainy damp day around the region, voting appeared to be very strong all day long. It's expected that the first election results will be due in around 7:30pm.


Anonymous said...

Voting strong all day??

Compared to the Federal Election City booths were deserted?? or was it just the morning rain??

Turnout will be interesting??

Anonymous said...

I was at Woree State School today for several hours handng out "how to votes". I was impressed with the number of people coming up to wish Rob Pyne well.

Anonymous said...

Heavy turnout where I was working, even though it was pouring down heavily.

Anonymous said...

Steady all day at Edge Hill - we did our bit for change and for women.

Anonymous said...

Val seems to have won?!

But other comments on here that voter turnout was strong would appear to be empirical bullshit?

The vote is crap? That is not to deny the outcome .... and yes i voted for Val .... but .... it would seem like the rest of the constituency it was for want of anything different and not a commited vote ....