Saturday 22 March 2008

Sharon and Kevin, together at last

We all know those MasterCard adverts that say... "priceless".

Well here's one that should have been out before the election, and is truly remarkable.

Here's Sharon posing at Rusty's Markets on the Friday before the election, sporting a unique custom-made t-shirt.

Sharon is staunchly anti-Kevin Byrne, so was proud to wear her special t-shirt in the weeks leading up to the poll last Saturday.

As she approached the then Mayor, who was touting his policies amongst the crowd at Rusty's, Kevin assumed Sharon was a supporter. He gave her a hug and posed for a photo.

He didn't notice the huge sign on her t-shirt as Sharon was carrying her fruit and veges.

The t-shirt says, back and front, "ANYONE BUT KEVIN BYRNE FOR MAYOR".

Kevin must be blind, but he really can pick his constituents.



Anonymous said...

Oh hahaha, what a mad cack Sharon is! I laughed hey.

Anonymous said...

comedy value = platinum!!!!

Anonymous said...

King Boob lives up to his name ... no wonder he didn't see his dethroning coming