Thursday 13 March 2008

Aitken releases 'Sno Bonneau Report Card'

Cairns 1st Division 9 candidate, Janine Aitken has launched a 'Report card' about her opponent, in the lead up to this weekend's election.

“There are many areas where unit development on the northern beaches is poorly conceived,” says Aitken. “He has failed the community.”

Aitken also claims that Sno Bonneau is not an independent. “It’s clear that he supports Kevin Byrne and the Unity Party, this is why they have chosen not to run anyone in the Division and also endorse him,” Aitken says. “Bonneau is Kevin’s man in this Division.”

Only two will context for Division 9 in the Cairns Regional Council elections this Saturday.

“The residents of Kewarra, Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Smithfield, Caravonia and Lake Placid need to be aware of how he failed the people over the last four years,” says Janine Aitken.

“Sno has a record of avoiding community meetings like the plague. Talk to the good people of Clifton Beach: He’s missing in action,” says Janine Aitken. “There are many areas where he has failed to work with the community for a mutual outcome.”

“The proposed town centre at Smithfield, twice the size of Cairns Central, was supported by Sno before the community revolted,” says Janine Aitken. “It was driven entirely by commercial interests and not the community,” she says.

“Only after such anger in the community, was there a token community clause put in. Why didn’t the local Councillor advocate for his residents before? He failed the community.”

“Our community needs a representative who will not fail them any longer,” says Aitken.
“I would like to challenge Sno Bonneau on his record.”


Anonymous said...

Whinge whinge whinge.

Seriously - it's all I bloody see from Cairns First, smear campaigns. The old see-saw technique, I can't promote myself enough, so in order to make myself look better, I'll put the other person down.

This is not me standing up for Sno, I don't care who you whinge about, I'm freakin sick of it - and I'm telling everyone I know about how you guys operate, you're all weak as piss and I hope none of you make it in. And guess what, I get support from my observations. No one respects you having constant digs at your opposition.

Oh, and just in case you want to know, i'm not just some nobody having yet, another whinge.

I hope this made your heart jump Janine.

Anonymous said...

u2 quityuabitchin, go read another blog dikhed!

Anonymous said...

quityabitchin - if u are not just some nobody what type of nobody are you?

Anonymous said...

quityabitchin reckons "i'm not just some nobody having yet, another whinge..."
Sounds like you got your head fair up yourself mate. Think you're someone "special" huh? Think the people complaining out at Clifton are "nobodys"? Think the people who complain about the dirty CBD are "nobodys"?
How about you naff off and spend a few enjoyable hours staring at yourself in the mirror. Now that will make your heart jump.

Anonymous said...

quityabitchin you tool. Haven't you heard the expression, its not oppositions that win elections, its incumbents that lose them. You'll find all oppositions try to get the message out about the failings of the ones in power, and so they should. They need to be held accountable.

You are obviously a Byrne supporter who would like nothing better than to run a dictatorship state, where KB and the Unity team denigrate anyone publicly who fails to agree with them. Its people like Janine who should be commended for bringing out in the open all the failures of Sno, same goes for Cairns 1st exposing Byrnes misgivings. This council has to be one of the most corrupt and dodgy in the state. They have failed residents time and time again in favour of their own self interests. Overdue time for a change. This region could have looked so much better if someone like Val had been in power the last 8 years. KB has ruined, and will continue to ruin this area, and now look to do the same in Douglas Shire. Good riddance to the scum this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Dear ol Sno, to his fellow councillors he's "Two Bob" ... yes he's a fence sitter and expert butt kisser ... one guess whos butt is large and wet.

He loves to dob in his dissenting constituents for pool fence inspections.

If you really get up his nose about $10,500 pa Rates he'll release private/confidential
Council Info in his newspaper column. Just ask John Babet of CRAG

Anonymous said...

Well said Quityabitchin.

Anonymous said...

A few famous local Sno quotes.

1. This one was made at one of the many community meetings that Sno did not attend.
A resident stood up and mentioned that he had rung Sno about 4 years ago to enquire why his community did not have an Association? Sno replied, "the best thing you can do for your community is join meals on wheels"

2. Another resident rang Sno when she heard about the monstrosity of Clifton Views going up along Clifton Road, after it had been changed to high density multistorey units. The resident complained that the existing home owners along Clifton Road would lose all privacy and amenity if such developments were built.

Sno 's response was along the lines, "oh don't worry about them, they will be well compensated."

Who needs a Councillor with this attitude towards his own constituents?

Anonymous said...

Go Janine!

Should we both be so fortunate as to be elected on Saturday, I look forward to working with you closely on issues of common interest.

In particular, I'd like to work together on steps to improve public transport between Smithfield and the top of the range and reduce / better manage freight usage of the Kuranda Range Road. Of course, other levels of government - notably the State - are centrally involved in this, but active Councillors can do a lot to push for better outcomes.

I'll work with anyone on these issues - but the prospect of working with you is very appealing. I know you're interested in making environmentally sound policies work and pushing hard for positive outcomes in the public interest. That's what we need.

Here's hoping for change, up and down the hill!

Anonymous said...

Syd and Janine, yes, yes, yes! There is a critical need for better transport management of the Kuranda Range. It is only a matter of time before there is a MAJOR vehicular disaster on the range.

Anonymous said...

It was an interesting night for all on Wednesday, let me give you one man’s opinion of what actually happened. I may be preaching to the converted here, but someone has to say it.

The false claim of a so called public meeting "called by residents" at the Smithfield Tavern was exposed as arranged by Cairns 1st with their name all over the passage way into the venue and it was also confirmed by the tavern that the room was booked in Janine Aitken's name.

Despite the attempt to dupe the public, it turned out to be a pathetic non event for Janine with only around 20 odd of her supporters coming along and most of them were not even from the actual division.

The small group had to wait some time for Janine to front the dais as she was busy getting her supply of Dutch courage at the bar and seemed to forget the meeting was on.

What ever shed had to drink or it seemed to fuddle her brain as she constantly got completely mixed up in her answers to questions and had to regularly be corrected by others.

She made all the usual motherhood statements hopefuls with nothing to really offer dole out at these occasions and after whinging about everything from young people, disgusting public transport, people using air-conditioners and the fact that she's from the Gold Coast so she has some really good ideas about forcing people to build their homes to her design, there was nothing new or any good reason to consider her as a possible alternative.

Her statements about building codes, transport, budget matters etc, showed she really has no idea about the realities of public office or the way local and State governments interact, or where responsibility lies.

Her naivety became really apparent when asked what she would do to change State controlled matters and she said she would talk to them.

Janine stayed silent on her untruthful and misleading letter to residents claiming nothing had been done on the Lake Placid Caravonica Flood mitigation work. The project is actually
funded, approved and ready to start.

A number of her supporters were extremely gross and rude in their comments but at least she provided them a small platform of other disgruntled people to air their grievances on and she knew what they all were as she repeated their comments word for word.

Most of those present were really annoyed that apart from those Janine had obviously invited, no-one else turned up. It was suggested that was because they are all happy with how things are going and already know who they are voting for. The fact that no-one came was a real disappointment for the angry attendees as clearly they love hearing their own voices and playing to a crowd.

There was the usual boring 'same old' rhetoric from Janine who was
rather incoherent and often very muddled in her words, and the subjects discussed had little to do with the area and included False Cape, land at Gordonvale, Selwyn Johnson's residents group, whinging by the experts from Clifton Beach and other matters not related to the division.

Thank goodness the very successful and statesman like incumbent, Sno Bonneau was prepared to put up with the farcical situation and made the evening worthwhile as he clearly outlined the facts on what has, and is about to happen in the new division from a Council perspective.

You couldn't help but be impressed by Sno's confidence, genuine sympathy with the concerns raised and his uncritical diplomacy in answering some really inappropriate questions.

He did not brag about what he has achieved over the years in creating the most desirable area of the region or pretend things will change dramatically with promise that are undeliverable like Janine.

He just answered all questions with authority, honesty and good explanations.

Janine’s attempt at deception, lies about flood mitigation and spreading false impressions about Sno Bonneau’s independence have really shown her low character and lack of integrity.

A prominent political person at the meeting commented that Sno will romp in. After seeing his professional manner and ability you can see why he has consistently received over 70% of the vote.

So Janine your little pretend residents meeting may have allowed some of your mates to get a few things off their chest, and you got to turn up late and show us your inadequacies but perhaps you and your mates should have just stayed home.

Anonymous said...

To "have a read" above, I say you must be feeling very threatened by Janine to write all this vindictive cats vomit. You're either Sno or close to him, so all I can say is "Sweat it out, mate. You might be losing that cushy $80k little job after tomorrow!"

Anonymous said...

Wow that's some reply! ... wonder if the man wrote it himself!

Brings a few interesting points to light though.. and honestly, I think it's too late for anything said in here to change anyone's views.

Anonymous said...

There is an air of confidence amongst ratepayers in Sno's old electorate.

It's almost like we are going to lose a diseased limb and enter a new era of honesty and openness

Anonymous said...

"Have a read" is entitled to their opinion just as they are entitled to learn the hard way. Perhaps he/she should ask him/herself why it is that community members felt it necessary to form community groups and why years down the track these groups and others are still fighting and refusing to give up. There's no smoke without fire.
The truth always has a way of coming out.

Anonymous said...

"Have a read" describes a meeting which I attended on Wednesday night. My take on the meeting was completely different, and I was NOT a supporter of any of the candidates, just an interested citizen.

I thought that both the candidates spoke well and I certainly did not notice that Janine was muddling her words or affected by drink as "have a read" inferred.

I was interested to hear about some of the issues raised by locals such as a levy for a boat ramp at Trinity Park which is only applied to a few rate-payers although the general community benefits from it, and need for upgraded facilities in the park abutting the Caltex service station at Smithfield.

Sno provided a lot of interesting information regarding the proposed new Smithfield shopping centre and his opposition to it.

Although both candidates acquitted themselves well,(in my opinion), 3 members of the audience behaved appallingly, including Councillor Annette Sheppard.

Regarding tomorrow's poll,I would like to extend the following old Celtic blessing to the Cairns community

"May the most you wish for,
be the least you get".

Anonymous said...

Actually Annette (you call yourself anon), what Sno did say to almost every question... "See me afterwards, we'll chat about it.."

He's a coward and does this one on one.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick puppy Councillor Annette Sheppard, we saw you arrive at the Smithfield pub on Wed night and put up those red and blue signs "Cairns first this way".

You need to grow up.

Anyway, what are you goinmg to do after this weekend? The Tax department are looking for a new office clerk!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said Sno provided a lot of interesting info regarding the proposed new Smithfield Shopping Centre and his opposition to it. Considering Councillor Bonneau knew all about it in early 2007, was present at the CCC Ordinary meeting on 31 May 07 and attended the Enquiry by Design Workshop held in July 2007 I'm sure he knew plenty. As an Independant and someone opposed to the centre, how come he never said a word to his constituents or the Northern Beaches Community in general?