Tuesday 4 March 2008

New Council logo revealed

Mayor of Cairns, preempting the outcome of next weekend's election, has launched the new Cairns Regional Council logo.

Byrne told the Cairns Post today that they "have adopted a temporary logo to ensure it's business as usual, in the days after a merger, and until a corporate logo could be completed."

This is good news, as a Council could fall apart in the days immediately after an election without a logo.

"I dunno what would have happened," said Susan Gonebydinnertime, an elderly woman in Moorehead Street, Bungalow. "It's so good that we have a leader that has thought of everything. It bought back memories of 1999 when my microwave exploded and the cat started barking," she said in reference to the worldwide problem of the new calender rolling over.

Graphic designers have prepared two versions, depending on the result:

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