Tuesday 4 March 2008

Wollongong Council sacked on corruption

The NSW State Government has sacked the entire Wollongong Council today.

This follows the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Administrators will now run the Council for the next four years. State Premier Morris Iemma honoured his word if the inquiry into Wollongong Council's affairs called for it to be sacked.

The ICAC has been investigating allegations that sex and bribes were used to secure Council's approval for many multi-million dollar developments.

Convicted fraudster Gerald Carroll gave evidence about his role in allegedly gaining up to $500,000 from the Council. Along with conman Ray Younan, they posed as ICAC investigators seeking bribes to those being investigated by the real ICAC. Carroll told the inquiry he was duped. Younan didn't appear in court this morning and a halt was called to proceedings.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council were also dismissed last week following $34 million of additional expenditure for building a culture centre.

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Anonymous said...

So now former Cairns council ceo David Farmer can run the council properly, without the hindrance of the elected crooks. Should be more of it.

Anonymous said...

The ‘ASS’umption that David Farmer was squeaky clean while in the employ of Cairns City Council is a brave ideal.
A CEO would be well aware of all goings on both legal and unlawful with a high probability of being in it up to his neck, so when he got the chance leap into an even more lucrative situation he couldn’t resist.
Factman, when all comes to the light of day you of all people shouldn’t act surprised!

Anonymous said...

I agree with fagdman. Anna Bligh is a menshavik loser. If she was true to name she would sack the Cairns council pre-emptively before it is even elected and could make Farmer the new directed administrator. Get rid of elected crooks everywhere!!

There is evidence that unelected crooks produce better outcomes than elected crooks on highly selective KPI's (key performance indicators).

Abeit at the lifespan expense of some dissenters. Hey, now here's a thought, as Fidel Castro is free how about Fidel for Cairns administrator?

This at least should also get the support of endangered tableland tobacco growers, wow what a marketing coup to have a cigar smoker as the regional figurehead!! Never mind that he is now a vegetable, after all so is Kevin Byrne?

Anonymous said...

So unless Freebody learns to spell under an enfored literacy regime he would likely be terminated Che?

Kathy Plath presumably would be destined to be torn apart by savage animals for literacy crimes? Jason O'Brien would be forced to spoon feed Castro until he finally dies .... hmmm maybe a fetish of Jason's actually (not really funny I have heard key members of Jason's Cairns left faction discuss Fidel fetishism)

Tidy .... neat .... maybe even useful in a utilitarian way ..... but would threaten MM and Cairnsblog also?

portmultimedia said...
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portmultimedia said...

Well he did jump before all the shit went down in Wollongong... makes me think he was innocent and didn't want a bar of it down there, and then Kev gave him a job... I wish him well... if not just for the good Khama fairies...I do think however that the Local Government association needs to get behind Regional Councils to recommend termination benchmarks for CEO dismissals... Councils should be allowed to dismiss any CEO with resonable notice... it needs to be a 'group direction' based job discription that says we are trying to achieve 'this' we need some one who can do 'that' until we need something different.
So when we are going through a construction phase Council can appoint a legally minded CEO and when things need the personal touch they get a CEO who is socially minded, this is a very basic generalisation but I think you get the drift... We need the flexibility of change at a resonable price to the community... it is our right as a community.