Tuesday 4 March 2008

A picture tells a 1000 landslides


Anonymous said...

Gee we have Andrew Peacock being Chairman of MFS and Rob Borbidge as Chairman of CEC Group. Both may sink.!

Perhaps if CEC Group didn't spend over a million dollars a year on self promotional adds in the Cairns Post and on TV ads and it didn't blow over two million which could be as high as three million on False cape the company may be travelling better.

MFS, ABC Learning and CEC Group have all done the same thing.! They've tried to grow too big too fast and simply borrowed too much.

The simple term for this is 'greed'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is correct. However, the MFS chairman, Andrew Peacock, is believed to be drafting a resignation letter. (Sydney Morning Herald, March 3)

THE troubled Gold Coast property group MFS Limited has finalised the sale of a 65 per cent stake in its Stella tourism business to CVC Asia Pacific, offering the company a much needed cash injection>

So is "Mantra" now in the hands of CVC Asia Pacific?

Anonymous said...

Interesting always to see the companies,like CEC, which lodged their latest reports last friday to just meet the reporting deadline. Lots of short term debt is the issue here in current market circumstances an issue identified in the half yearly report. And lots of trade debtors and creditors.

Another highly geared just in time reporter last friday was pub operator NLG. This is the largest tenant of Hedley's pubs with Tom now as the largest shareholder also, and some legal issues and reports floating around involving Hedley and funding isues. This one is indeed looking sick.

Anonymous said...

Latest new regarding Hedley and NLG is very interesting!