Saturday 11 September 2010

Hunky men, pride, gay babies, Gavin King... try and spot the difference


Bryan Law said...

There’s no doubt that Gavin King is a handsome dog, and there must be both male and female crew around Cairns disappointed in his happy marriage and recent fatherhood. Jealousy is a curse.

I noticed in yesterday’s Post that Gav was starting a new column with the fantastic name of “King Hit”. I didn’t believe for one moment it was going to be an intellectual exercise with studied analysis and quiet reflection about the meaning of meaning, or about Jaques Derrida. So naturally the high-brow Greens and ALP supporters that infest this blog were going to be disappointed. How sad!

Nevertheless I sent out for my copy of today’s post, and sat chortling away with my cuppa, singing to myself “That’ll piss ‘em orf”. After all, that’s the job of a political columnist. It’s what Mike does, and it serves a social purpose in both cases. I told Mike yesterday (tongue in cheek) that he should start a new column called “Moore Shit” to meet HIS stirring commitment.

Plus (avert your eyes Syd, Tony, and the various hack anonymi) Gav gets it mostly right when he describes the phoney and unaccountable behaviour of our present political leadership. Our society, our polity, is in a parlous state. It’s in urgent need of more attention, and less sentimental attachment to the the myth makers of politics presently titled spin doctors.

You go Gav, you good thing!

Swanny at Clifton Beach said...

Bryan I think Michael is secretly in love/lust with Gavin the King....... I mean he won't let up mentioning him almost - and only second to that crazy councillor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colin R said...

Bloody hell bryan I am really sick of agreeing with you .
Now watch all the labor lobotomy crew attack .

We won said...

More important things to think about than lightweights like you Riddell.

Syd Walker said...

Gavin is lucky that his Cheer Squad of Two includes the best analytical minds in FNQ. LOL

Bryan Law said...

Nah Colin, they won't attack the blog publicly via the blog. They're just not smart enough to maintain a credible public dialogue.

Mike's already getting private e-mails saying that he's "anti-Labor" and "Pro-Entsch" (as if that's the contour of rational politics) and challenging him to produce propaganda "for" them.

All us plebs'll get on the blog are the prejudicial phrases like "Val-hater", "Gav the Brute", "progressive" etc. You know, the ones that reinforce sentiment rather than thinking. The ones that aren't up for analysis or discussion.

If you use the prejudicial phrases you're "in", and will vote Labor even after you're dead. If you don't, you're "out" (or Pro-Entsch as we like to call it, and become the target for character assassination and ridicule.

Dinosaurs - doomed to extinction.

Colin's Rse said...

Everyone pictured other than king has a positive attitude to their nature and that includes the animals.

Destiny said...

I hate agreeing with Mr Law also but 'Moore Shit' is inspired.

Growl said...

Good to see the King back.I agree with his comments about the high level of useless elected members we have in FNQ. They are nothing but pigs with noses in the trough.They take no initiative, do nothing for our area,especially Jan Lucas and Wettenhall.
As for the Council the Mayor cops a lot of deserved shit but she is also only as good as the Councillors behind her and what an equally useless bunch of no hopers.
Apart from one or two they are either about to retire, marking time or just plain useless ( Lesina,Forsyth,fence sitter Pyne,no development Leu )
Cairns really won't move forward until we rid ourselves of these idiots and the 4 State air heads.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I hate to 'sort of' agree with Bryan but I did blog on this elsewhere. I hadn't read this one yet though so I am surely forgiven for my differences of opinion. I am not completely disagreeing with the sentiment shared on here though, just some of it. Opinions are after all, many and varied and Michael should be thanked for allowing the differences to flourish and debate to occur.

Leigh Dall'Osto

Colin R said...

Bryan this is what we are dealing with fools like this bloke.
Having weak gutless attacks at everyone lnp on the cairns post blogs under Dave.
And then he does this what a rocket scientist.
Dave of
Hmust have crapped himself when he clicked the submit button.

A Real Liberal said...

I broke my usual rule and actually bought the Weekend Post yesterday, just to see what Gavin King had to say. I should have saved my money.

I'm happy to read political comment from any point of view, if it is insightful and preferably witty, but unfortunately this was just Gavin's typical witless and predictable anti-Labor diatribe.

We all know that Gavin is a mouthpiece for the LNP - what we should ask the Cairns Post is, "Why would they employ Gavin specifically to attack Labor? Shouldn't the LNP be paying his wages? Has the editor heard of objectivity and balance? When will he employ a journalist to attack the Liberals?"

Kate said...

I disagree re the LNP statement - he wasn't all that complimentary about Warren either. I liked his analogies and thought they were witty.
He is right about Schier, Mc Lucas & Wett-no-balls. They are a useless waste of space.
At least Gavin tells it like it is. Having had the unfortunate experience in dealing with this lot regarding the public housing debacle/fraud/corruption, I cant wait for them to be gone. We campaigned against Tiurnour and won and they are next.
Go Gav - keep up the good work.

A Real Labia said...

Mr “Real” Liberal has a point. Here in the Labor Party we put personal attacks and slander on a professional basis. We use the tax-payer funded positions of our electoral offices to dig up dirt on the people we don’y like – and then we use our extensive network of hacks and weak-minded supporters to spread the goss. Sometimes in person, sometimes anonymously through the blogs.

Sometimes we can’t find any real dirt, and then we have to make it up. That’s when we call in the the professionals from Balker Hit-on.

I’m surprised by what Mr “Real Liberal” says, because he’s implying that Labor would be better off abandoning our practice of malicious gossip, and paying off the More Dick press. Fool. No wonder we won government and the LNP are still in opposition.

Onwards now to our glorious victory in the next Queensland election. Heil Anna!

locustseed said...

All this hot air would not be wasted if King could actually write instead of playing up sexist stereotypes and 20th Century humour.

Kate said...

Anna is well and truly dead in the water. Glorious victory - what a joke.
What a hollow victory it is for Federal Labor. The people didnt elect them - the Politicians did!!! How can that be called democracy?????
Bring on another election I say.

Alison Alloway said...

I've had a damned good laugh today. Seems some Mums who have daughters who do ballet were not impressed with Gav's and Warren's brutal anti-ballet comments about the Cultural Centre.
ROFL ROFL. Seems they are connected with other Mums who have children who particate at the local Eisteddfods, and they have all been talking amongst themselves! Not impressed!
I said that maybe they should get their daughters taught football...well...if looks could kill! ROFL ROFL

Bazza said...

thanks Kate for your prognosis, can't wait to get the Shingles.