Thursday 9 September 2010

How was your day?

Today was another full on day - a bit (that's 'butt' in Kiwiese) like when we had the Cairns Festival and the federal election jockeying for the finish line at the same time.

Today started with Gavin King's expose on that naughty Councillor Kirsten Lesina in the Cairns Post, but wait, there's more. CairnsBlog, as you'd expect, will tell the real story tomorrow morning - without the grand headlines, without the sensation, and without presumption, innuendo and suggestion.

I then contacted Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt after he fleetingly posted a Facebook message last evening, saying he had a fabbo afternoon with the equally fabbo Evonne Goolagong. Curtis said Evonne was going to squeeze in a special trip to Yarrabah to speak with the students in the Aboriginal community, and play a fun game of tennis with every student - in a community that has no tennis court. I couldn't resist sharing this with CairnsBlog readers.

We promptly tracked down A List Events in Cairns who evidently were somewhat connected with the tennis star's visit to the Far North. A flat refusal at a request to meet and interview Ms Goolagong for this notorious blogger was laughable. Needless to say they weren't from any A list themselves. Turns out the Yarrabah Mayor was delighted to welcome me to his town, after three other media outlets were "not interested" or "too busy." You'll see my interview with Evonne and Percy, later this evening.

Just before I left the seaside indigenous village, I popped into the local museum. My mobile rang as soon as I stepped inside the door. It was Grant, my Christchurch school mate, shaking to tell me the latest update from the quake-ridden city. Extra surprising, Grant called me Skype to Skype. Bloody crystal clear and amazing, and in the middle of nowhere - kinda.

On the way back, an hysterical historian, Dr Timothy Bottoms telephoned to say I should "correct the obvious error" in my new Blog header: "Stiring since 2007." When I attempted to explain that this was an oh too subtle private joke - that I'm not the typical stirrer, didn't wash with the learned word-smith. It shall be dealt with when I return this eve.

Anyway, back at Blog central now. Cleaned the desk of some crusty legal papers, complete with coffee stains, had a nice dip in the beach, followed by an outdoor shower, and changed, ready for tonight's line-up.

Shayne Thompson (the whiz kid behind the Steady Vision cam system) and I are off to a Twitter Tweet Meet (imagine lots of thick glasses, biros in the top pocket, and you're half-way there) at the Salt House. This is followed by an evening with explorer and world adventurer Robert Swan at his Keep It Cool fund-raiser at the Reef Casino. I must dig out my copy of Antarctica 2041, based on his extraordinary project of the same name.

And to top it all off, we hope to squeeze in a quick interview with Good News Week’s Mikey Robbins and Paul McDermott, who are up here for the night as guests of Tennis Queensland to celebrate the new Cairns International Tennis Centre, along with Evonne Goolagong, Wayne Arthurs, Sandon Stolle, Richard Fromberg and Mal Anderson.

Looking forward to lights out later on.


sally said...

What ya doing with "crusty"legal papers? Intriguing image...

Anonymous said...

I hate to let the facts ruin a good story, but the fact is I was a bigger advocate for Bill Anderson than Kirsten was. Indeed, had she declared her interest one more time I would have demanded she shut up!

mpestorius said...

are you procrastinating?

Oliver Redlynch said...

How dare you imply I have thick glasses and a Biro in my top pocket. Honestly - its a Parker. Where's my lawyer.......

Poor Kirsten, seems the orchestrated smear campaign is widening its scope. Rob - how about a letter to the editor?

Oliver Deadlynch said...

Well Cluey I sort of thought Australia had an impartial press but quickly discovered it was anything but when I moved here, with the Cairns Post actually manufacturing the news rather than reporting it. Now Val or Kirstin is neither a friend or an acquaintance of mine, but I do occasionally work for council and thus I know staff and councillors. So when I see outright lies are being fed to the public (which obviously you must either believe or be responsible for) then (and it must be my Christian upbringing and being encouraged to question everything I read) I feel morally obliged to say something about it. It is a free country still, we are entitled to our opinions. You feel that the wrong choice was made for Mayor (and by the way I didn't actually vote for her) and I instead see a Mayor who conducts themselves with considerable dignity and intelligence in spite of the hail of unfounded personal misogynistic attacks being orchestrated by a set of gutless little shits. Frankly I believe far bigger issues are at stake here, when the public are too naive to realise they are being manipulated by the media in this fashion.

Duck Treddin said...

Mr/Ms Cluey, what an amazing epic. You even managed to include a few three syllable words in there. Did it take you long to write it? And did you do a rough copy first?
Thanks again for your inciteful words of wisdom.

I always thought Val was elected by a majority of Cairns voters but by your intellectual visioning there is apparently one supporter only who must be feeling some discomfort because of someone's head up their butt. Why does everyone have this anal fetish?

I think Mr Entsch when you either retire (or explode) you may have found a protege to take your place.

cluey said...

Oliver waffle waffle waffle and duck treddin you may be spot on I fear and cower to no bugger.