Thursday 2 September 2010

Hillbilly Watch still on fire

The rather outgoing HillbillyWatch is still going off like a frog in a blender.

Reputedly set up by a "Mick Glennie" it's firing off at Mackenizie, Gavin King, Alan Blake and his mate Tracie Samin, Peter Roggenkamp, and even Barry Neall....

  • "In an attack orchestrated by Cairns Post "editor at large" (brings feral pigs to mind) Gavin King and his buddy John Mackenzie, a parade of disgruntled and disaffected proceeded to voice their hillbilly opinions on the Council, Mayor Schier, and the work being done to establish a proper and modern performance arts space in Cairns.

    First off the blocks was the admittedly suicidal councillor Alan Blake reading his letter to no one. In his attempt to position himself as a candidate for Mayor, he attacked the proposal as too expensive at $240M, but in a flurry of doublespeak agreeed that $180M without a museum was fine. He also objected to the location on the waterfront and agreed that putting it on land now occupied by the Port Authority. Perhaps we'll learn more about Blake's mental health as his
    lawsuit against blogger Michael Moore is heard at court.

    The next caller, Cairns' Hillbilly Hoon Peter Roggenkamp was then teed up to voice his
    PREVIOUSLY EXPRESSED ignorant views.

    Oddly, the view that the cultural precinct should NOT be on the waterfront ignores what the Port Authority plans say. This area will NEVER be used for some vague "port operations". If the theater isn't built there, it will return to its gazetted role of hotel site, and another huge area of the waterfront will be blocked by another highrise building like the Hilton and Harbour Lights. Who wants another highrise hotel blocking the view of the inlet?
    Then a new addition to the Hillbilly hour, former councillor, car wash owner, and born-again bigot Paul Freebody.

    Freebody was beaten by 22 year old political novice for his position as councillor at the last election, whom he later referred to as the
    "five witches and bitches".

    Perhaps the fact he can't write a campaign brochure without misspelling a dozen common words had something to do with this decisive rejection by his division. Freebody can be counted on to get on his knees and give 4CA a good aural blowjob when called on by ringmaster Mackenzie. Oddly, nothing was said about the rumoured ongoing ASIC investigation into Freebody's moneyraising activities for his waterpark - said to be a violation of the "12/20 Rule".

    To round out the independent (ha ha) views, then next was Tracie McPherson Sanim, no doubt arranged by Blakey as
    HAS BEEN DONE IN THE PAST. Tracie is a sacked council employee, who said this morning that this current council was "dysfunctional". However in her PREVIOUS CORRESPONDENCE to the CEO, she clearly indicates she didn't get along with the previous CEO nor Mayor. Perhaps Tracie is just unable to work as a team, or perhaps its just PMT.

    Finally, Barry Neale, the leader of the
    "Residents against Aboriginals" group was called on to give his 1c of opinion. He again launched into a criticism that council "consulted" with 1000 arts-centric citizens, like somehow those in the arts can't have a say. On expansion of Barlow Park, council consulted with sporting groups. On expansion of Cazaly's, council consults with sporting groups and/or drunks. First development of any plan requires consultation with the users - but that's somehow not appropriate according to Neale. Barry should stick with running his group and running the aboriginals back to their settlements in the Cape.


Smithfield Sam said...

Mick's right on the money about Mackenzie and the rest of his clown college. These are orchestrated attacks against the council and the arts community. Council spells millions every year on sports fields and sport infrastructure. 4CA draws about .0001% of the city as listeners, and represents only the extreme wackjob fringe of Cairns society. Glad to see all of these people get taken down a peg or two.

And Mick's info about Freebody is clearly true as he's been handing out "investment prospectus" docs to anyone that shows up at his Trilogy office door. I've never read such a collection of furphys. I'm not using it to line my parakeet cage.

Tony Hillier said...

If Gavin King wants to retain a scintilla of integrity as a journalist, he would be well advised to sever his connection with Rugnet and Clown Central. Smithfield Sam is spot on with his assertion that "four see hey" is a an extremely minor media player these days — about on a par with the discredited 4CCR I'd say.

Shadowfax said...

Smithfield Sam there are only a few people driving the opposition to the Cairns Cultural Precinct. Only a handful. Originally I suspect rugnuts campaign was to discredit the Mayor and cause a dysfunctional Council whereby the State Govt would step in dissolve the Council, call new elections.
In which scenario surprise surprise a former Mayor would step up and be hailed as the prodigal son by the adoring rugnut and his cheer squad of three.
However it is obviously more than a political smear campaign. It is just too strenuous and has an edge of hysteria in it. There is a fair bit of land, valuable land at stake. Some of us are wondering if a certain group of people don't have lucrative plans for it. Whatever happens, let's watch what happens to that block of land.

Smithfield Sam said...


You're exactly correct - it's the old Watergate mantra, follow the money. With Byrne first shilling for a giant development south of the Courthouse/Qld Government property, all these property developer/rapists want to plop a giant commercial project on the waterfront land now allocated to the cultural precinct. Tens of millions in developer profits are at stake. I just haven't yet decided if the antagonists (4CA clown college) are hapless patsy's or getting THEIR palms greased, too.

Barry Neall said...

Following the article on the Hillbilly blog I feel that I must reply to comments made against me in the article by the blog site owner.

First of all Macca didn't ring me I called the station.

I have never been against the Cultural Centre and I have expressed this before on air.

My concern is the large amount of money being thrown at this structure without public consultation and that was one guarantee the council gave at the meeting on closing down 2 lanes in Grafton St.

A lot of people have expressed not only on radio but also in letters to the editor that a smaller version would be better with less costs.

In doing this there is the avenue open for additional buildings to be added at a leter date.

Also I would point out to Mick Glennie that I have never mentioned on or off air about returning aborigines to their settlements.

In fact I grew up with Aborigines on the River Murray at a place called Goolwa where I went to school with them, played sports with them, went swimming with them and went to a lot functions with them.

And there are a lot of good Aborigine people living right here in Cairns.

If you are going to write and critisise people then make sure it is factual.

Ed in Edge HIll said...

Odd Barry Neale is responding to a different blog HERE. Nevertheless, his comments on the cultural centre are ignorant and flat wrong, but continue the play their same tune under the direction of Rugnut. The theater has had extensive public consultation not just under Mayor Schier, but under the previous Mayor as well. Committees were established under Byrne that looked at rehabbing the current civic theater, and rejected it as unworkable. Looked at different sites, and actually purchasing one behind council chambers as the best possible at the time but agreeing that it wasn't close enough to the CBD. Looking at different configurations of size and scope, all with an eye towards doing what has to be done - investing enough to last fifty years. Sadly proper theatres with adequate seating, proper acoustics and technical fitout, adequate flyspace, loading areas, and support office space does not a cheap building make.

A smaller version isn't "better" because a smaller version isn't adequate. We HAVE the inadequate version now, the civic theater.

Those that advocate this approach are just plain wrong.

Council is again undertaking another public consultation to explain the results of years of planning work by your fellow citizens. Sure, we're citizens that are interested in theater, dance, music, and cultural events. If you don't take the time to go out and see what's been done, and why it has to cost the better part of $200million, then shut your pie holes.

As for Barry and your "Residents against Crime", your continued flogging of this noble agenda has resulted in it being hijacked by the agenda of John Mackenzie, which we know is negative and decisive of the community. You've been scammed by a master manipulator, Barry. Every time you call into that show you become a bigger tool.

Tracie said...


Did you actually listen to my radio interview? Firstly nothing to do with your nemesis - contrary to your belief Alan Blake is not my cohort in anything. I have very different priorities and beliefs from him. Secondly, I resigned and have copies of all my correspondence and evidence - and without a payout. Thirdly, I defended the council's right to ensure individual privacy. At no time did I say I did not get on with other council staff - other than my relationship with the Mayor wasn't functional. Different points of view doesn't make me or her wrong - just different. Finally, there's not a person in Cairns who truly believes the council is operating in a functional manner - for many reasons. The council has much potential with many good people - staff and councillors such as Nancy, Julia, Margaret and Rob. I spoke honestly and fairly - as I always do. Perhaps you should try it.

Michael P Moore said...

Tracie, your comments, although welcome to the debate, need to be directed at the author of Hillbilly Watch.. who penned the above material... one "Mick Glennie" he has only provided me with his email address...

I have never written anything against your good character.

Alison Alloway said...

The campaign against the Cairns Cultural Precinct was only ever about personal demonisation of Val Schier. For those of us who are locals, it has frightening overtures of the same campaign launched against then Treasurer Keith DeLaCY, who wanted to provide a new state of the art hospital for Cairns in the late 1980s. Cairns residents were whipped up into a frenzy over losing the "beautiful views" from the hospital rooms, amongst other outrageous claims. The rest is history. Townsville got the hospital. Cairns residents are still bitching and moaning decades later, unable to come to terms with the fact that a new hospital costs billions, not the measly $480million we got from the sale of the airport.
So we come now to the next biggest project scheduled for Cairns in many decades...a large Cultural Precinct with upgraded international standard convention facilities, a modern museum and a modern performing arts theatre.
The entire project has been turned into a "hate Val Schier fest" and a "valcano" with little debate focussing on the purposes and long term benefits to Cairns from such a large project.
Upgraded convention facilities to international standards would mean that Cairns can become a key economic player in the booming South East Asian nations, by commencing dialogue through ASEAN conventions. We can negotiate trade, agriculture, finance and tourism deals through hosting ASEAN or their sub-agency conventions. At present, our convention centre has to reject so many conventions each year because our facilities are just not big enough. Moreover in a few years time, Cairns will have to compete with Townsville for those same sized conventions. No prizes for guessing that the numbers of conventions will drop in Cairns.
Entsch's plans for a Sporting Precinct is only about tourism. Yet local economists have been telling us for YEARS we must diversify away from tourism.
No-one can negotiate trade, agricultural or finance deals at a soccer match. It just isn't done.
The upgraded convention facilities will provide Cairns with a chance of becoming an important trade, commerce and diplomatic centre in South East Asia. It will raise our status from that of a tourist based regional city to a key player in South East Asia.
On the wider scale again, we need to also engage in more dialogue from our regional base with China.
We can become a valued city in China.
That then is the purpose of ONE of the functions of the Cairns Cultural Precinct.

KitchenSlut said...

"there's not a person in Cairns who truly believes the council is operating in a functional manner"

Ummmm well my garbage still gets collected? Communbication, by the way, for anyone who tried to deal with the previous Coucil is immensely more civilised cmpared to the previosus dysfunctional human to occuopy the mayorality! So what is this disfunctionality? I'm curious becasue I have an interst in psychology and repeated tribal matras without any analytical backup?

So from your inside position Tracie pray tell .... what are the specifics of this dysfunctionality?

There is no hope for me I am possibly the only idiot in Cairns who voted for BOTH Blake and Val in the last election!


Bryan Law said...

KS said "There is no hope for me I am possibly the only idiot in Cairns who voted for BOTH Blake and Val in the last election!"

You poor thing! Don't give up hope (or therapy).

Alison Alloway said...

Colin, your linguistics and abysmal lack of education are as obvious as your face on a blogsite.
I doubt you have the capacity to understand what I wrote about.

greenbottle said...

Ed, I imagine the screaming will be on for a "proper theatre" after a few years of Entsch's 20,000 footie stadium/entertainment centre. Sitting out in the sun and rain will get the punters bitching and moaning. Pity they don't realise they won't get another one for decades after. Just wonderin as well whether it will be called the "Warren Entsch" Stadium, sort of Entsch's legacy to FNQ?

millie said...

Mr "sick of know all alison",

Why is it when a woman is clever and forthright - she is criticised as being too much like a man?

Two dicks indeed!

At the same time, if a woman spends time on CBlog, it is assumed that such a woman must also need a man.

Note, this premise is somewhat inconsistent with your first. And only in your dreams, mate...

So on this dodgy reasoning, what about MM and Bryan?

They're both clever and forthright - and spend lots of time on CBlog.

Do they each have one or two dicks? And must be sex starved as well?

Destiny said...

Please stop talking sense - you confuse those poor souls so confused about anatomy they talk through their arses.
His anonymous spit about dicks almost had me wishing the now silent Sackley could lob in squealing about his lack of testes.
I seem to recall Byrne etc screaming the council chambers were a monument to Tom Pyne's ego - didn't stop them moving in and being very upset when the voters evicted most of them.

Alison Alloway said...

Thanks Desiny and millie. When a woman comes up with a future vision for a vulnerable tourism based economy, it is called a "valcano" and "a monument to a political ego." Yet when a man comes up with a 20,000 soccer stadium it isn't "a monument to a political ego."
I'm just appalled at the silly, childish comments by people like Margaret Cochrane..."build it, and they will come." I mean, where have we heard that before?
THEY might come, but they don't keep on coming. That is the point of not going down the tourist road forever. Haven't we learned from last year when unemployment peaked at around 15%?
Entsch's grand plans are not going to take us anywhere after a few years. We will be still ploughing on sending little forelock tugging delegations from Advance Cairns and other tourist bodies into Asia trying to get sports fans etc. We will be howling and screaming (again) at Townsville.

The alternative is a venue and plans for serious dialogue with the booming ASEAN countries, and to get in there BEFORE Townsville does. Trade, mining, agriculture, technology,shipping, air transport, government, diplomacy opportunities..all can be developed here in Cairns. The benefits will last for decades.
I've seen Cairns go the wrong way before, round and round like a dog chasing its tail. This one looks like it will be the biggest mistake, regarding our future economy, ever.

Tony Hillier said...

It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that former Council employee Tracie's judgment has been somewhat clouded by the fog of bitterness. Her assertion that "there's not a person in Cairns who truly believes the council is operating in a functional manner" is palpably preposterous. From my unbiased observations, Council is operating pretty well on a number of different levels.

As one who attempted to penetrate the secrecy of the Byrne regime in my tenure as editor of Barfly, I especially appreciate and applaud the more open and transparent nature of the Schier-led council. These days, Council's agenda is available six days in advance of meetings, giving members of the public a far greater opportunity to have their say via their divisional councillor.

As the admirable Alison Alloway has pointed out, the Cultural Precinct Plan was only drawn up after extensive workshopping. The consultation is on-going. The fact that all three tiers of government have undertaken to support the concept underlines its legitimacy, and its relevance to the region's economic (not to mention cultural) welfare. I too would welcome an increase in major sporting events in Cairns, such as the Davis Cup tie, but those who only have eyes for sporting arenas are myopic, if not Philistines!

The Headless Horseman said...

It is interesting to see Barry Neall oppose the Cairns Cultural Precinct. This bloke claims to be concerned about crime in the community. One of the great things about the arts is that it involves all people and it helps people to develop their skills and express their feelings. The arts play an important role in developing a healthier, more constructive society where people, especially young people, don't have to feel alienated. I expect a bit more enthusiasm from Mr Neall for the Cultural Precinct, otherwise I can't take his self righteous anti-crime activities seriously.
PS: When I talk about the arts, I don't mean videotaping minors throwing rocks on roofs.