Thursday 17 June 2010

Watching John "hillbilly" Mackenzie

Another blog joins the free-thought debate in Cairns today.

The John Mackenzie Hillbilly Watch is the work of Mick Glennie of Edge HiIl.

Mick says he was convinced to start the online forum after a bloke called "Jim from Caravonica" went on John Mackenzie's radio show last Friday, whilst Cairns Regional Council Mayor, Val Schier was his guest.

"He gave Mackenzie holy hell, accusing him of race baiting and community divisiveness," Mick Glennie says. "All true in my book."

"The caller specifically went after Mackenzie's 'poll' that indicated 90% of Cairns did not want the mayor's Performing Arts centre. As 'Jim' put it, Mackenzie's polls are biased because Mackenzie's listeners comprise 'only 300 hillbillies'," Mick says.

"Given Mackenzie's reaction, and his continued attack on 'Jim of Caravonica' since, I decided to start a blog to allow the community to highlight the untruths and 'hillbilly' comments continually given credence on this programme," Glennie says. "I don't know who 'Jim' is, but I have the greatest respect for his pointing out Mackenzie's continued ridiculous behaviour."

In his first posting, Mick Glennie asks readers to "post all John Mackenzie lies, mis-statements, racist comments" ...
  • John Mackenzie is a "Cash for Comment" radio host in Cairns, Queensland on Radio Station 4CA.

    He uses his program to bash those he doesn't like in State and Local Government, although on the occasion when he can snag an interview with the Premier or Federal Minister, he can't get down on his knees fast enough to show his appreciation.

    He walks around the CBD sponging free meals off advertisers and potential advertisers, all of course tax free.

    Mackenzie spent a week bashing Mayor Val Schier and her visionary plan to create a Performing Arts Precinct on the wharf, which included a "poll" of Mackenzie’s listeners.

    On Friday, remarkably, a member of the arts community in Cairns - "Jim of Caravonica" called into the Mayor's hour and proceeded to support wholly the Mayor's vision, but also called Mackenzie’s so-called poll worthless and said "a poll of your 300 Hillbilly Listeners means NOTHING!"

    Mackenzie has used his bully pulpit long enough.

    He's been charged by ACMA on more than one occasion for his racial vilification, foul and abusive language, and most recently his lies regarding the "Cash for Comment", where he attempted to shake down Mayor Schier's council management for weekly payments just to allow the Mayor to take phone calls! A "public service" previously provided by 4CA for free, of course keeping in mind that the airwaves are owned by the public.

    When you hear any disgusting or abusive remarks by Mackenzie, please write in and we'll post them!

Criticise public figures all you like, but after four years blogging away in this redneck paradise we call home - a year of that under a semi-Nazi state of Sargent Major Kevin Byrne - I''m a bit more street wise. I'm also careful with what I know is a fact, and what I think is a rumour. I hope Mick Glennie, who says he's in the telecommunications industry, is ready for the letter that may arrive from John's minders in the next few days. You can email him here.

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Clifton Ghost said...

Another of Hillbilly's tactics was to allow Councillor Sno Bonneau on air, when he was Division 11 Councillor. Sno would say the most derogatory and untrue statements on air, and tell gross untruths about certain developments on the Northern Beaches.

Two things would either happen.
1. when any Northern Beaches residents rang up to contradict Sno's comments or have their say, they would either not get on air, or be cut off half way thru their speil.

2. Sno would come on within minutes of the program ending so that there could be no time for phone-ins!!

A really despicable man who plays "favourites" on HIS program and is not interested in bi-partesan debate.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rob Pyne said...


Michael P Moore said...

Well, for a start Rob, this is all about a new blog that is not mine. The John Mackenzie Hillbilly Watch is the work of Mick Glennie of Edge HiIl, as I state in the article.

Colin Riddell said...

With out "maccas" help the campaign to stop the slaughter of sea turtles and dugongs may never ever have got off the ground .
I too think the site is pretty ordinary mike , even if you say you are only posting someone elses crap site.
I also do not agree with some of maccas views , but that is his job and you also push a few barrows of your own mike.
As it is your site as it is maccas show.
Ask blakey or the freebody family.

Randy Ellis said...

Good work and great name for this blog!

If I hear any stories about Macca and his magic wig, I'll be in touch!

Smithfield Sam said...

Great idea for a blog! With so few people listening to this radio station, it's important the community know what this guy does.

His "trick" is to bait racist listeners to call in, and make their racist comments on the air. Radio has a "kill switch" so this kind of illegal racial vilification doesn't make it to air. But Mackenzie NEVER uses it, indeed it may not even work.