Friday 18 June 2010

New Queensland Party wants a "brighter and more accountable" government

Just a couple of weeks old, The Queensland Party has come up with six initiatives to "pave the way for a brighter and more accountable government" in Queensland.

The default leader and only sitting MP of the new party, Aidan McLindon, member for Beaudesert, who said at the party launch, we are faced with two options: one of incompetence and one of complacency, believes the current flawed political process is costing Queensland dearly as a result of minimal public and political scrutiny.

"Quite frankly, the people of this once great state have had a gutful of the political process as it stands", McLindon says. "These initiatives will underpin a parliamentary reform process that will ensure a return of accountability to this Parliament, and give the people of Queensland a real choice regarding the direction we are headed in."

The ambitious McLindon says that this is a unique opportunity for Queenslanders to change the political landscape as we now know it, "in order to see this magnificent state at its full potential." Do we really believe any polly can change the world for us? Certainly us folk in FNQ, suffering from wall-to-wall Labor pains, might be a bit cynical.

McLindon and his cohorts are striving for...

  1. The re-introduction of the Upper House to implement a real checkpoint of accountability. This model will not create an increase in politicians and will be different to the model that was abolished in 1922.

  2. Abolish the current electorate allowance system. This will be replaced with a more accountable method which will increase the transparency of allowances, and will include mechanisms to curb tax-payer funded political advertising.

  3. Work with local councils across the state to ensure the dumping of rubbish becomes cost-free within five years. This will be done by using existing fees and charges to fund the technology required to turn waste into sustainable and useful by-products.

  4. Amend the time limits that apply to speeches in Parliament. This will partly address the widespread public disengagement in the current parliamentary process.

  5. A "Royalties for Regions" approach to ensure that rural and regional Queensland get a fair share of mining royalties. This will ensure that frontline services are provided in these communities in the areas of health and education, in addition to essential services.

  6. An increase in vehicle registration to those convicted of driving offences. This would allow an offset for greater discounts for pensioners, and those who abide the laws.


Doc of Cairns said...

He has basically outlined a Kevin Rudd agaenda that is doable. He has talent.

MB said...

My first impression of this guy, he really creeps me out

KitchenSlut said...

This is a Kevin Rudd agenda that is doable? Can you be more sprcific Doc?

The only one that looks Ruddian to me is the waste proposal which looks like an ill thought out feel good policy unlikely to deliver any positive outcome at substantial cost. Hence the Ruddian connection?

The "royalties for regions" policy was actually the much debated policy and slogan of the West Australian National Party for their last election! I'm not sure they currently see much alignment with the Rudd agenda on this policy? The other name for this policy is "pork barelling".

Are these really the six most criticsal issues facing Queenslanders or just populist trivia?