Tuesday 22 June 2010

Blogging from the top of Australia

I've just landed in Bamaga.
This is just 30 kms from the northernmost tip of Cape York, Australia, about 2,700 k north of Brisbane, and just over 1,000 k from Cairns.
Only 800 locals live in this far flung place, situated on Urradhi traditional land, which is now centre for three Aboriginal communities of Injinoo, Umagico and New Mapoon, and also Islander communities of Seisia and Bamaga.
I've 4WD across a lot of Cape York over the past 10 years, but this is the first visit to Bamaga, however I have some expert guides, and there's not a pollie in sight.
Over the next three days I have a few interesting assignments to complete, including sussing out what locals think of the Wild River legislation that will cause huge changes as the State and Federal Labor Governments redefine what local folk are allowed to do own their own land and on and alongside these important rivers.
I'll share some interesting local stories from this stunning piece of far north and remote Queensland. Oh, and I hope to drop a line and catch a few fish.


Paul said...

Bamaga is great. Priceless place, great people. Go watch the evening fishing on the jetty as the sun goes down. True paradise moment.

Brett Hitchens said...

OOOH R.I.P. ( Red Island Point ) at sunset, sittin on the dock, lookin to wards TI. magic eh! enjoy.

MaryO said...

Can you please take and post lots of pics for the rest of us. Never been to Cape York.

Pteropus said...

Just watch out for the big croc hanging around the wharf there if you go to Red Island Point.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Mike - shouldn't that be catching a few 'fush'?