Monday 21 June 2010

Cairns, Barron River and Mulgrave targeted by new party

Wendy Richardson will today join the new Queensland Party, along with at least 10 members of the LNP. Branches in the state electorates of Cairns, Barron River and Mulgrave are all being formed.

Aidan McLindon, Member for Beaudesert, says Wendy Richardson has a wealth of knowledge about issues that are important to the residents of Far North Queensland.

"She is acutely aware of what is desperately needed in this beautiful part of Queensland," McLindon says. "She has twice been a candidate in previous state elections, and in fact, at the last election, beat the current Labor Member, Steve Wettenhall, on primary votes."

"Wendy has a unique skill set and an unwavering motivation to seeing Queensland get back on track."

Richardson, who resigned from the LNP in May, said that she was excited and optimistic about the future of Queensland now that there was a third political dynamic.

"This party has been born out of the community's immense dissatisfaction with the two existing parties and their lack of real representation. It will succeed because it will be founded on a commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour," Wendy Richardson says. "It also has a central belief in the need for a member of Parliament to represent their electorate first and foremost, even over and above their party where necessary. And it exists to represent the people, which is the most important point to me".

Richardson believed that McLindon had the balance right when it came to matters that were important to Queenslanders.

“It is time for Queensland to be the first priority – this is what is needed, and this is what The Queensland Party will deliver. Steve Wettenhall has failed to be an advocate for the people of Barron River. North Queensland will no longer tolerate being taken for granted".

"There is only one set of people I want to be answerable to – the voters," Wendy Richardson says.


Aidans Mum said...

So it looks as if Barron River will have its own serial (unwinnable) candidate. Just like Pauline Hansons actions, I wonder if WR will be more after the government handout she will get for each vote cast (if she gets 4%?

Wendy loves the limelight (just like Pauline) and like her, Wendy will also become an object of derision, a mere blip on the political landscape.

At least Aidan will now have a mother figure to keep an eye on him!

Miss Chief. said...

How easy it is to sit back and be critical of someone who has the guts to stand up and be counted as one concerned about her State and her home area!
Believe me,the Government"handout" doesn't play any part in Wendy's willingness to be a candidate! As for loving the limelight, there are many more politicians out there who put themselves in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Let me assure you that Wendy is not one of them.
Oh - and having met Aidan, I can tell you that another mother, other than his own, is NOT required!

Every Mothers' son said...

Wendy is unelectable!!

She jumped before the LNP booted her out for gross disloyalty and non electability.

Remember, the voters have rejected her 3 times, twice on the coast and once on the tableland.

Ask her brother Bob Norman what her chances are?

Generally the Norman dynasty has lost any clout it may have had within the Cairns ruling clique and was never that popular with the masses. Even Bob couldn't get re-elected to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce recently.

They are both yesterdays people.

When will she/he ever learn!!

Bryan Law said...

I saw Wendy Richardson campaign strongly for the yacht Club, and I saw her work strongly with and for Aboriginal folk re Mona Mona when she ran for Barron river last year.

IMHO Wendy would make a far better MLA than Steve Wet 'n No Balls (who does what he's told by Brisbane, with whatever scraps of competence he can muster).

All the anonymous folk here need to tell us which Party they are aligned with, how they see the ALP being held accountable now the LNP has imploded, and most importantly what their own achievements are in community development.

Bryan Outlaw said...

Bryan Law says he saw Wendy Richardson working hard on the Yacht Club. How can that be - when the coppers turned up Law ran for the hills!

This is another sleazy attempt by Law to be "kingmaker", when in fact he's just a convicted vandal. Why isn't he in prison yet?

I was there wendy said...

The words that will haunt Wendy are the one's she uttered at the inaugural meeting of the fnq .
Remember Wendy ?
"why start a new party you will just keep labor in"

Is that Lavazza in your pants? said...

Bryan Law - does your loathing of Steve Wettenhall have its origins in the fact that he was President of CAFNEC when that remarkably benign and inclusive community-based organisation had to cancel your membership because of your destructive behaviour? Or have you just found a rich friend and see a potential benefactor in Sir Bob Norman's daughter? And does Wendy really see you as a mate, mate?

Bryan Law said...

Oh dear, the anonymous personal abuse merchants are getting active! Must be an election coming up, and all the KRuddsters can do is say how simply awful the other chaps and chappesses must be.

Sorry Lavazza old bean, but all your facts are wrong. I don't loathe Stevie boy, I just think he's shit at his job.

Keep up the good smearing though, and the ALP will promote you from hack to flunky any day now.

The State paid for my triple by-pass said...

Which part is smear Bryan Law? The Lavazza in your pants? The fact that you were expelled from CAFNEC? Which bits are smear and which bits are the awful truth, Bryan?

And "KRuddsters", Bryan? At midday after Gillard reigned from 9.00am EST? No wonder your political predictions are so wrong - you need to get up earlier and find out what's going on in the world...

Bryan Law said...

KRuddsters, GoHarders, is there a difference is there?

Apart from that it's all true. I'm a disgraceful failure as a human being. No redeeming features at all. a worm. a piece of crap on the footpath of life.

Could be worse though. At least I've got a name instead of an anonymous smear. No name? A cowardly liar most likely. Steve Wettenhall perhaps? Jim Turnour's bodyguard perhaps? Julia GoHard's loyalty? (Ooops I forgot there's no such thing.

We did it once for procreation purposes said...

We all agree Bryan Law: you are a disgrace. Now stop bothering everyone, pretending that you have some higher ideal, some deeper insight. You are a bully, and a failed psephologist, and a phucking psychopath.