Wednesday 16 June 2010

Another LNPer resigns from the party

Another LNP candidate has announced that she will leave the party and team up with independent Aidan McLindon's new Queensland Party.

Andrea Johanson, who ran for the Gold Coast seat of Albert, quit the Liberal National Party yesterday, saying she has lost faith and vision with the party and "where they are going in the direction for Queensland."

The continuing unrest within the LNP is not showing signs of dissipating anytime soon. The defections were flamed by a revealing letter signed by 15 Cairns party faithful in September last year, airing dirty laundry and questioned local financial management and accountability. The letter was tabled in the State Parliament on May 20th by Rob Messenger, who called for a police investigation, however LNP hierarchy, including local candidate Warren Entsch, largely dismissed the grievances raised, saying that they had been dealt with.

It's likely that former Barron River LNP candidate Wendy Richardson, will follow Johanson and sign up with the new party to contest the 2012 State election.

Meanwhile, the LNP have selected 20-year-old Wyatt Roy to run for Longman, probably the most marginal federal seats in Queensland.

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GS said...

Every one of the people who signed this letter now need to stand up and have the guts to confront the people they were complaining about - Dennis Quick and Warren Entsch. It's only a weak and untrustworthy person that whistleblows these kind of actions and then sneaks off into a dark corner somewhere to hide when they are called upon to back up their words. Most of these weasles are still hanging around in the shadows of Stentch and Quick like a bunch of pet dogs, ready to bark on the masters command.