Tuesday 1 June 2010

Nude it up with Telstra for your internet

Telstra is now offering a "naked DSL broadband" internet connection.

This means for the first time, you can purchase a DSL connection, for speeds up to 20Mbps, without having to pay for a home phone as well.

A naked DSL is a standalone or dryloop DSL, without a PSTN service.

"Hell has officially frozen over and the pigs are flying," Carl Butcher of Carlos Computers says. "I never thought I'd see this day."

There's only one plan available in the trial, $59.95 for 25GB ADSL2+ speeds, otherwise max ADSL1 speeds (8mbit), on a 24 month contract, and is available for a limited time.

Amnet and iiNet were the first ISPs in Australia to offer naked DSL in November 2007. Exetel, Adam Internet, and Internode all offer this service. Optus announced in March that it will provide a naked DSL service.

With a naked DSL service, if you don't want or need a fixed (landline) telephone, you can save around $400 a year, on monthly line rental.

Telstra may soon offer a VoIP telephone service, that uses your broadband connection. There's already a large number of VoIP providers available and all you need is a DSL connection and a simple telephone adaptor. Here's how you do it.

Telstra recently reported, it was losing more customers to competitors than it was signing up.
recently they doubled mobile data inclusions,

From today, there are now a number of home bundles available:
HOME 12GB Bundle
– $98 (Data being bumped-up to 25GB for same price)

HOME 100GB Bundle – $128
Landline plan Ultimate, standalone value $89.90. Includes unlimited included calls to Telstra Mobiles
- ADSL: 100GB ADSL2+ standalone value $119.95 / 24 month

HOME 200GB Bundle – $148
- Landline plan: HL Ultimate (standalone value $89.90) (Special Bundle version includes unlimited included calls to mobiles.
ADSL/Cable Plan: 200GB ADSL2+ standalone value $169.95 / 24 month. The Bundle is $21.95 cheaper than the 200GB plan by itself.

"With all of these changes it goes to show that Telstra appears to be distancing itself from the era of Sol Trujillo, synonymous with high prices, terrible customer service and the fall of the company's stock price," Carl Butcher says. "Whether or not Telstra is becoming more genuine is yet to be seen or whether these changes are a smoke screen to prevent the company from selling into the National Broadband Network."

"These changes are certainly a welcome relief to many who are stuck in areas only serviced by Telstra and I'm sure we'll see more to come," Carl Butcher told CairnsBlog.

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