Wednesday 23 June 2010

Free jobs on offer. Call Jim for a good time on 4051 2220

Qantas will be attending the Jobs Expo at the Cairns Showgrounds this Friday, with interest from local employers and training organisations expected to be strong.

Local Federal MP Jim Turnour is also asking key Ministers to attend Jobs Expo.

"Cairns is the only city in Australia to get a second [job] expo so it is great to have major companies like Qantas on board as well as many local operators," Turnour said. "After a very difficult 18 months for the region, airlines were returning to Cairns and seat capacity was on the rise; a positive sign the Tropical North was rebuilding."

Jim has a local free-call number to telephone his, or rather our, electorate office. The number is 1300 301 917. However mobile numbers are banned from ringing it.

"The number you have dialled is not available from a mobile phone," so says the message when you call. What Job seeker doesn't use a mobile? You'll have to call 4051 2220 instead.

Doesn't have a nice ring to it.

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yk said...

Typically, good old Jim sees nothing wrong with Cairns having (or perhaps, needing) a second Jobs Expo. In fact, we're the only centre in Australia to be afforded this honour. What a disgrace!!!! In a region that is literally brimming with Labor politions we have been badly let down. Even neglicted. Yet we return these parasites time after time.

The sooner we elect people who are dedicated to their electorate, rather than their Party and their careers, the better.