Friday 4 June 2010

I am a left social libertarian. What are you?

Discover your place on the political spectrum with quiz.

You'll see where you sit on social liberties, economics, foreign policy and even the culture war. This isn't so much a quiz, as a set of statements that you must agree or disagree with.

Based on your responses, the system will graph your answers into a political compass. It identifies and separates social liberties from economic opinion. It will also show you what type of foreign policy you support, and how liberal or conservative you rank in the culture war.

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 4.21, Libertarian: 4.32


chris forsberg said...

Re. the Graph (if that's what it is) that supposedly identifies one's political and social leanings
- stick MY X smack-bang in the
middle. Being neither left nor right, neither libertarian nor
authoritarian, I can usually see
both sides of any political argument.

Likewise, the political party of
which I am a member, the North
Queensland Party, is ditto smack-
bang in the middle of the spectrum.

NQP has former Laborites, ex-Greens, previous members of the
Liberal, National and One Nation
parties - united for just one
common cause: a fair share of
the wealth the region generates
from the south-east-corner centric
state government.

The long-neglected north no longer
counts in a state where over 70%
of the population now reside in the
south-east corner. That's 70% of
the votes - and 70% of the seats.

Yet the North generates over 60%
of state wealth - through mining,
agriculture, tourism and other

And that's a GRAPHIC fact.

chris forsberg

colin riddell said...

Where does nqp stand on the sea turtle dugong slaughter I asked weeks ago still waiting chris.
You cannot please everyone.

left moderate social authoritarian said...

This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Left Moderate Social Authoritarian Party.

Left: 3.43, Authoritarian: 1.95

hieronymus bosch said...

You are a far-left moderate social libertarian.
Left: 9.36, Libertarian: 1.33

Josh Freeman said...

My score was a little further to the Left, and a more of a moderate social libertarian

Colin Riddell said...

Posted with permission of chris forsburg fnq party . thank you chris and fnq.

For COLIN RIDDELL from chris forsberg

Greetings Colin, a ka Dugong Man

Mate, further to your query about the North Queensland
Party's 'position' on what seems to be the wanton
killing of endangered dugongs and sea-turtles by
a persons who appear to have an inappropriate right
to do so....

Be advised as follows: whereas the N.Q.P. has no
'official' policy or position regarding this issue,
it is a fact that every NQP member with whom this
issue has been raised is 100 percent in support
of your commendable efforts to protect these
sea creatures.

Given the excellent nation-wide media coverage
you have achieved, your campaign has been
an informal 'talking point' on more than one
occasion. Rob Pyne, Bob Katter and others have
been complimentary and praiseworhy of your

Be assured that NQPeople that totally supportative
of your campaign. And that most certainly
includes myself.

Wish you well with it - it seems to me you have
done a lot of the hard yards already - it can
only be a matter of time before both dugongs
and sea-turtles are accorded the complete
protection they must have - and your
campaign will have achieved this result.

Sincerely Chris Forsberg N.Q.P.

I like to spot fakers said...

since you are so eager to comment today Chris, why don't you tell us where you are going to be raising the necessary funds to run a state campaign ? Truth is, you guys have no administration, no money, no policies, no business experience and all followers - which is why the half dozen of you clowns that speak out on everything simply do as you please - you dont have a real membership base to answer too.

Subli said...

Wow Bry, a christian who swears. You must be cool. I bet you can even say 'poo' and 'bum', such is your coolness.

Kebin Byrne said...

Fuck i'm even to the left of Bryan Law? Or is it that the questions were bizzare and US centric? Was in just me who answered doesnt matter much at all to every single one?

Denis, twist harder there mate just like we did in 'Nam! Ahhhh that feels good thanks mate!

Blogster said...

Dear Chris,

I appreciate that you can see different sides to the argument, however I am convinced voters want to know your beliefs.

Being bam smack in the middle is fine if that is a result of your position on many issues. If it means lack of conviction or opinion on anything, I think you are going to have a hard time getting the support you need.

I am not convinced you can base your whole party on the fact that you want more representation and money spent in the north.

That means that, if elected, many votes by your representatives will be conscience votes. Something I find hard to accept. I wouldn't vote for someone, unless I had some idea of what this person (or party) stands for when it comes to many moral issues that are important to me.

Lisa Robbie (via Facebook) said...

Authoritarian... Could this be true??? Or was I just to lazy to answer the bottom questions properly.

col said...

Colin is a left social authoritarian. He is also a slight neo-con and somewhat culturally conservative. Colin's scores (from 0 to 10):
Economic issues: +3.54 left
Social issues: +3.62 authoritarian
Foreign policy: +3.84 neo-con

Werner said...

I bet no one can get into the top right corner. I'm wedged in there so tightly, no one will move me.

chris forsberg said...

Chris Forsberg replies to "Spot the Faker".

Any one who hides behind the pseudonym of 'Spot the Faker' is
hardly deserving of a rational reply - but he is correct on a couple of points, and INcorrect on

In the order he/she raised them:

The North Queensland Party has an
adaquate administrative framework,
consistent with it's registered
Constitution. NQP is a registered
corporate entity and has met all
the mandatory legal requirements.

NQP has appropriate committee and
sub-committee structures, a growing
branch network including branches in Townsville and Mackay - and
will launch branches in Mossman and
Port Douglas later this month.

'Spot the Faker' is correct in his/
her reference to a lack of funds -
but this shortfall will be addressed well before the next state election in two years time.
Currently, NQP does NOT ask members
and supporters for 'donations' -
all NQP events are free, unlike
those of the two mainstream party

'Spot Faker' comments that NQP
have "no policies" - and it is
conceded that the majority of
policies that will be enunciated
well before the state election
have yet to be developed....

For the reason that NQP determines
policies in accordance with the
wishes of members, supporters -
and members of the public who
offer policy suggestions. Unlike
the policy regimes of the two major
parties, where a few senior office
bearers decide policies and simply
instruct their memberships to
follow the 'top-down' directives.

Regarding Business Experience, NQP
president Beatrice Booth is the
former chairperson of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and
Industry - obviously a substantial
business credential. Many other members of the NQP are also business-people.

Far from "speaking-out on everything and doing as we please",
NQP has pubically addressed very
FEW issues at this stage, due
precisely to the fact that policies
ARE still in development.

As for 'Accountability', Spot-the-
Faker can be assured that NQP is
fully accountable to it's rapidly
growing membership - and will
ultimately be accountable to all
residents of North Queensland.

There are no "clowns" a'board the
NQP 'band-wagon', which is going
from strength-to-strength. I
would ask 'Spot the Faker', IF he/she is genuinely interested in
learning the facts about NQP, to
E-Mail ,
rather than just blogging-on an
un-informed crude critique.

chris forsberg

chris forsberg said...

chris forsberg replies to Blogster.

Blogster - withour knowing which
"moral issues are important" to you - it is obviously impossible
to comment on your blog.

It is quite true that NQP "lack
conviction" on political idealologies - we are neither Left
(progressive) nor Right (conservative) - and it's worth
noting that neither mainstream
political groups, ALP nor LNP,
are genuinely committed to the
ideals with which their respective
parties were founded.

Labor has 'ratted' on the trade unions - the LNP have deserted
small business and farmers in favour of global capitalism.

The age of political idealology
is long dead - replaced, perhaps
appropriately, but the simple
question - who can MANAGE the
state and nation best ?

The NQP has no ambitions to win
government at any level - ALL we
are seeking is a fair share of
the state's wealth, most of which
is generated in North Queensland.

As to the MORAL ISSUES Blogster
mentions - IF Blogster is inclined
to ASK NQP about it's view on
any moral issue (or any subject at
all), please E-Mail:

IF, by 'moral issues' Blogster refers to search contentious items
as, for examnple, 'stem cell research', 'abortion', and/or 'gay marriage' - note that NQP has NO
position currently on issues of this kind - but WILL give consideration to views and inputs
from members and supporters, with
a view to developing policy, if

However, such controversial topics
don't seem all that relevant to the
task of securing a fair deal for
North Queensland - hence, taking
'moral positions', which NQP would
do IF required by members and
supporters, would probably be of
lower priority.

chris forsberg

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Heironyms - you are being racist re Werner. He may have somehow started out being German, but was an internee at Auschwitz for a period. Sure, Werner is far more right than I am, but he's definitely not in 'fascist' territory. Bad bad call, HB.