Friday 11 June 2010

Knob festival expects 5,000

KNOBBY DAY Festival of the Knob organisers, Laurie, Maurice and Annette prepare for another huge day in the beach side community.

This Saturday, the funniest place name in Queensland, celebrates its annual festival.

The name and the community "Yorkeys Knob" was subject to State government intervention when developer Sea Temple wanted to drop the "knob" and rename the beach side suburb 'Yorkeys Beach' in 2004. The Place Names Act was cited and the "Knob" was ordered to be replaced to its rightful place.

Again in 2007, another developer wanted to ignore the quirky community name, and I caught him out in a series of emails.

Nevertheless, it spurred the locals to not only embrace their odd name, but celebrate it and their local history.

The signs that are placed around the region in the weeks leading up to the event, have become odd collectors items. One of the stolen signs ended up in the adult magazine Zoo Weekly, from a 'Millsy of Cairns'. "Pecker Celebrations- It's about time we celebrated the cock!" the caption read.
The fifth annual Festival of the Knob kicks off at 11am on Saturday. There'll be 80 stalls with live entertainment, situated in the Wattle Street community parklands (turn left just past the shops).
There'll also be fairground rides and plenty of food and drinks.
Looks like it will be another great day out for all kinds of knobs.

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Wormer Schizoid said...

Warning: Yorkey's is a burka free zone.