Monday 28 June 2010

ABC shop opening in Cairns next week

ABC will be opening its first store in Cairns next week.

The ABC Shop, located on level one, Cairns Central Shopping Centre, will open on Tuesday 6 July.

There'll be a dedicated children's area and "reading nook" as well as access to the ABC via TV, in-store radio and internet access.

The digital 'hub' will allow customers to around 10,000 ABC products. The store will also carry Blu-ray DVD, digital free-to-air television channels and the digital radio service information.

From Tuesday, there'll be opening specials and giveaways, live radio broadcast with Fiona Sewell from ABC Far North, and a special appearance from Postman Pat.


Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Hallelujah - to have a dedicated ABC shop - fabulous. Let's all try to patronise it, so it remains.

My other comment would be - will the new ABC Shop allow us to place an Anti-Ginger (Gorman) petition to remove her from the afternoon slot. She is wimpy, lispy, a dreadful broadcaster, & notwithstanding, bloody boring.

After the amazing interesting & musically-literate Richard Dinnen - And Just Where Did He Go & Why??? - Ginger is a non-starter.

ABC management needs to be aware many of us have turned off ABC Far North since Ginger has arrived.
Don't we deserve better?



You do realise don't you this isn't' our first ABC shoppe?

The hillbilly population didn't support the last one, and when the tourists departed it folded.

A "petition" for anything requires a populace literate enough to read (and comprehend) it.

Alison Alloway said...

I well remember when the ABC shop operated in Orchid Plaza...what a joy it was. Forget who ran it, some young fellow??? Joel someone?? Whoever, he knew his stuff and filled the void left when old Miss Walker retired from her business.

Tony Hillier said...

Joel Becker was the proprietor of the ABC shop in question. He hosted a superb series of literary luncheons there. Joel was also president of 4CCR for a couple of years in the early '90s. He lives in Sydney these days, and was recently spotted on the teev winning thousands in a general knowledge quiz game

Bookworm said...

Joel Becker it was indeed. The Store was called Beckers Books and ran as an ABC Shop agency. I was quite devastated when he moved away, Joel was amazing and really knew his stuff, but a post above is right, the store wasn't patronised enough at the time. Lets hope this new one is, I guess being located in Cairns Central is a good start ?

Alison Alloway said...

John Mackenzie's Hillbilly Watch...well at least three locals patronised Becker's ABC shop. Prior to Becker opening his store, we could obtain ABC publishings direct from the ABC studio or from Walker's Bookshop.

JBee said...

JBee said
How nice to discover this blog, and a reference to my time in Cairns running Becker's Books, which encompassed the ABC Centre. Also to have a reference to that 'young man' Joel. I'm now in Melbourne where I am running the national industry body for booksellers, the Australian Booksellers Association.