Sunday 6 June 2010

Your Sunday sermon... teleprompted


colin riddell said...

Heck this dill cannot even read a teleprompter hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

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Michael Hyams said...

I am left to assume that this crass idiot, who supposedly represents us in Leichhardt was either 1. Wearing his mother's Contact Lenses 2. Had his back to the teleprompt 3. Forgot to put his teeth in or 4. Does not have English as his first language, or any or all of the above. Dont blame me. I wasnt on the local electoral roll when he got in. What were you Cairns natives thinking of. He doesnt deserve house-room.

hieronymus bosch said...

om my... he's drunk surely... otherwise, the IQ of the sheltered workshop he was at significantly increased when he got elected...

Leuco Gaster said...

I'd like to see these 3 pork hunts, Colin, Michael and Hieronymus, do better.
It's so easy for opinionated asses like them to put shit on the bloke just because he comes across a bit nerdish - Jim has more brains and integrity than these jerk-offs put together.
In fact, the disjointed delivery looks like a technical problem to me, and it's clearly an early take.
I'd advise Jim to write his own scripts - he speaks very well off the cuff, unlike the fat sleaze bag Warren Entsch.

yk said...

I've looked very closely at this video but can't see the strings attached to his hands. But they are surely there! The comments above from Michael Hyams show a bit of ignorance about the political situation that existed when this village idiot was elected. Everyone knows that Leichhardt is a 'blokes' seat and the Libs put up an unelectable female to contest it. So what we ended up with was the least unattractive of all the candidates being elected. We only have to endure the embarrasment of him for a few months more before Warren reclaims what he should never have left.

Lil at Yorkeys said...

Michael Hyams - forgive us for what we were forced to do. Short history ago - this was the election where many of us wanted to get rid of Howard et al., so basically Blind Freddy and his dog would have got the gong against the Liberals. We didn't get Blind Freddy, but we got Jim. Actually, I probably would have preferred BF's dog - at least dogs are sensitive to those around them, loyal and can communicate effectively.

I recall really turning over who I was going to vote for, as no-one knew Charlie that well, & Jim, well, Jim is Jim, even then. I think I nearly for the first time in my life did a donkey vote, but perhaps I voted Greens. Can't remember now. Know I wasn't happy about it.

The other candidate (continuing a bit of history) was Ms. Charlie McKillop, who I believe had worked for a few years as Warren Entsch's electorate secretary/admin person. She would obviously have known the territory, & was given the kiss of approval from Wazza himself. However, Charlie, although she campaigned hard, did a few dumb things, like getting caught speaking on her mobile whilst driving, & her election chariot was a van bearing Victorian number plates. Nothing earth-shattering, just silly. There was also, as you may remember, a lot of Howard-rage going on in the background. (Tampa, children overboard, detainees in prison, Work Choices, Wheat Board scandal etc etc.).

So you see Michael, and as YK Said said, we had to choose the 'least unattractive' candidate, so to speak.

However, from that point, all Jim as done has largely been to spread Mad-Kevin-Speak: 36.7 million for this, 18.9 million for that, all for the Far North. However, even in the current video he's crowing about X-million for the JCU Dental School - well, that money was allocated long ago - it's not a new thing, And as for the southern approach to Cairns - well, I DON'T think our 'tropical' city needs an approach overladen with overpasses, with bits of sheared-off community and suburbs, as is proposed.Costing us a bomb, too. Jim - what about providing a really good light rail system to the south, with connecting bus transport & see how that works?

As to the current state of the Fed Labor crew - well, Mad Micromanaging Kevin seems to be emulating King George III, perhaps without the illness. On the other side, Budgie Bum Abbott & Co. do not seem to have any policy, only
Reactive Policy.

So, all in all, it seems to be a low point in politics in this country - local Council, State, Federal - no-one can seem to govern & administrate anything effectively, or listen to community effectively. All it is at present is some extremely tribal pollies game, laced with bureaucratic bungling and menace, overlaid with Nanny State regulations, and all costing us a bomb.

Actually, in the last couple of years, I've met Charlie a few times, & have come to understand her to be a very community-minded and active citizen. Actually, Charlie, maybe you should put your hand up as an independent?

I don't think Leichardt is thought of as a 'blokes electorate' - where did that come from YK Said? Actually,I'd say that at least 50% of Leichardt voters are female, & the general Cairns electorate doesn't seem shy of voting in females if the Councillors' & Mayor's genders are anything to go by. And Before We Go There, we don't need another 20 Blog entries pointing out that 'gender does not always equal sense'.

I think we are up to the stage of human history where we can spot a good or bad pollie by their action & behaviour & response to the community, not as to whether their dangly bits are inside or outside the abdominal cavity. Capiche?

Time for a Bex-and-Chardy milkshake for me, & a good lie down.

Tony Hillier said...

Well done, Lil ... you have summed up the current pathetic state of government in Australia to perfection when you say: "no-one can seem to govern and administrate anything effectively, or listen to community effectively". The polls show that the country is palpably sick of "tribal pollies' games" and "bureaucratic bungling". The Greens have a golden opportunity to further stamp their imprint on the domestic political scene. At least Bob Brown can string a few words together without "umming" and "aaghing", resorting to cliches or bureaucratese and slinging brickbats at opposition parties. His interview on ABC TV's The Insiders last Sunday would have earned him and The Greens a few more votes, I fancy.