Saturday 5 June 2010

The Cairns Winter Solstice on from June 18th

The Cairns Winter Solstice, now in it's fifth year, is a celebration and a sustainable lifestyle gathering. It's on from Friday 18th to Monday 21st June, at the Sugarbag Festival grounds, 30k West of Mt Garnet (directions below).
The Winter Solstice is now one the region’s biggest and most creative festivals, attracting over a hundred acts, performers, healers and artists over four days and three nights in the outdoor beauty of the Atherton Tablelands.
The Solstice aims to create a space for "community of all ages and from different walks of life to share the knowledge of the world, and by doing so in return, learn about the finer points of ecological, social, cultural and spiritual sustainability."
There's a broad range of musical styles – from electronic music to live bands and solo acts – as well as roving performers, fire shows, healing areas, sustainability exhibitions and market stalls.
Only late arrival tickets are available now at a cost of $150 or at the gate, $170. Family tix (2 adults + 2 kids) are $250.
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    Take either the Kennedy or Gillies Highway to Atherton and follow signs to Ravenshoe, then continue to Innot Hot Springs, Mt Garnet, and continue on the Kennedy Highway for 30kms. Look for turnoff on your left.


Hippie sick said...

However you badge it, this is all a big sack of hippy shite attended by offspring of rich parents who claim to be 'earth's children' while wearing leather shoes and watching 50in plasmas - but hey, if I have dreads, play a didgeridoo and save turtles, then life is good - in their eyes anyway. I love music festivals, but this really is a pile of cack attended by cack.

A person who respects diversity said...

Gee 'Hippie sick' you are so obviously lacking in friends and directions that you have to post such a piece of opinionated shite. We can see you would love to be there except you have some personal problems, otherwise you wouldn't have made such a comment.

Unknown said...

You have totally missed the point, didn't you read the blurb. Its a Sustainable Lifestyle Gathering not just a Music Festival.
It attracts people from all walks of life & all ages, from very young to very old and from very diverse economic backgrounds.
Its for people who care about the environment and our way of life and would like to maintain this in postive & sustainable future.

Take the "Hippie" out and all you get is "Sick"

Cack Attendee

musumeci said...

the original comment was left so quickly after the story itself was posted Im questioning whether or not that tripe was posted by the owner of this 'blog'... if no one will visit your page I guess you just have to create the controversy yourself.