Thursday 9 September 2010

Grab a Turnour and mount him on your bumper

For a limited edition, you can hook a Queensland personalised plate with 7 letters/digits, however the offer closes at 7pm on Monday 13th September.

The annual 7-character plates sale are only available for 7 days only.

According to the State Government cash cow, some 7-character plates go for a small fortune at auction. BENTLEY went under the hammer for a $110,000.

7-character plates will set you back $3,295 now. Standard personalised plates go for $465 (three letters and two numbers); Euro style $595, and prestige for $2,295 (any combo up to six characters).

You must be 16+ with valid driver licence and have to pay by credit card. You'll also have to agree to 20 terms and conditions. read them carefully, as there's a clause towards the bottom about helping repay Queensland's $65 billion debt in monthly installments until it's all paid off.

Now there's plenty of juicy personalised plates available. Here's a few I've found.

See if you can make your own and how clever you are. Post it in the comments...

1 comment:

MB said...

LOL I like the 4CCR one. I could just see their secretive board of directors approving expenditure on something as frivolous and unnecessary as a 7 character rego plate!