Tuesday 7 September 2010

Cairns High School closed due to "serious assault"

Police have closed Cairns High School today.

Officers are currently guarding a crime scene at the corner of Grove Street and Sheridan Street, after a serious assault of a woman overnight.

Police have declared a significant part of the school a crime scene and also cordoned off the oval.

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Jan from Kewarra said...

Whilst this attack was a terrible thing to have happened and should not have happened, will someone in Toursim/Police take some responsibility and please advise, tourists that Cairns is not a safe place to walk around alone, especially after dark, especially at 1.30am.

This assault could have been avoided if this information was out there.

Whilst I appreciate the fact that Toursim organisations do not want Cairns to be known as an unsafe destination, the continued assaults, robberies and one murder of a Japanese woman in the last 10 years, mean that Cairns is indeed, just that, UNSAFE and something more needs to be done to ensure everyone's safety not just holiday makers!