Friday 6 March 2009

Greens says major party want payback

Greens’ candidate for Barron River, Sarah Isaacs, says that residents had a great deal to be thankful for.

“It would be ungracious not to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and achievements of members who have represented the seat in the past” she said.

“However, it’s difficult for major party candidates, in a seat like Barron River, to keep faith with the electorate and their electoral promises - while also toeing a Brisbane party line. Local community needs and concerns often take a back seat after the election” Sarah said.

Sarah Isaacs says that The Greens are not beholden to powerful vested interests.

"With The Greeens, there is no payback post election at the expense of the local community - unlike the major parties who often feel obligated to support major stakeholders who supported them with electoral funding."

“The community has a lot to lose if it’s business as usual after the election. Our wonderful lifestyle in this electorate needs to be protected from unsuitable development - yet we also have a lot of work to do!

“For example, the Barron River electorate - along with the region as a whole - urgently needs a safe, viable, affordable and integrated public transport system.

Issacs says that the tourism industry is the backbone of our local economy, and needs a strong advocate in the state capital.

“Locals need to know that there is a real person representing their interests and concerns in Brisbane, someone who’ll consult regularly on policies and not just follow a State party machine.

Check out their campaign website.

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