Friday 6 March 2009

CairnsBlog cartoon by Robbie


Anonymous said...

All this talk about family relationships in politics and yet I don't hear anyone remembering "Joh and Flo" and then son John (who lost) and now I believe son John is trying again by having a go at getting the seat at Nanango. The Nationals just don't get the message! The Pitt family have earned a fantastic reputation in this area and Curtis will no doubt increase that popular reputation when he is elected.

Anonymous said...

Warren Pitt has proven to be a Labor hack - give a guy a portfolio and most lose their backbones and become spineless toadies.

Pitt has proven this fact in spades.

Before his cabinet position he was a strident advocate for the constituents - maybe the best of a sorry Labor lot in N. Queensland. After portfolio, he became a Labor bootlicker.

Good riddance, and take your son with 'ya.