Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cairns historian awarded Fellowship

He may have not been recognised nor appreciated by former Mayor Kevin Byrne, however, Cairns historian Dr Timothy Bottoms, has been awarded a Canberra-based Fellowship as ‘Writer in Residence’ at the National Museum of Australia.

“I was thrilled to hear the wonderful news that they had awarded me this Fellowship," Tim Bottoms told CairnsBlog.
"It is truly a great honour to be chosen for such a prestigious award.”
Director of the Centre for Historical Research at the National Museum of Australia, Dr Peter Stanley, has announced that five ‘Writers-in-Residence’ Fellowships for 2009 would be awarded.
Cairns resident and local historian, Dr Timothy Bottoms was one of the successful five.
His planned book, Conspiracy of Silence – the Colouring of Australian History, deals with the moving colonial frontier in 19th century Queensland. This also forms the topic for Dr. Bottoms’ paper to be presented at the Professional Historians Association (Queensland)’s Q150 Conference – Journeys through Queensland History, to be held in Brisbane in September.
Bottoms is still hoping to publish his mammoth History of Cairns publication, with the support of the new Cairns Regional Council, during the next year.


Janine Aitken said...

Congratulations Dr Bottoms you deserve it.

Syd Walker said...

Anything that raises the average IQ in Canberra is a good idea, and Dr Bottoms should be congratulated for his personal sacrifice in aid of that worthy cause.

Wendy said...

Hard earned Dr Timothy Bottoms, and well deserved, congratulaltions.
Wendy Davie

John, Kuranda said...

Just finished reading "Djabugay Country". I was very impressed with this work by Timothy Bottoms. I would like to add my congratulations to those already made on the awarding of the Fellowship. (My thanks to the DTAC for loaning me a copy of Djabugay Country.)

Bryan Law said...

Congratulations Tim, it couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

I want to read your history of Cairns whens it's finally properly published. If I would have stayed in school instead of being a worthless troublemaker, I'd KNOW how to read. Maybe I can get someone to read it to me!