Saturday 8 March 2008

Old tired Drag acts

When I buy Roses chocolates, I always savour and save the strawberry ones till last.

I've had this pic for about three years, hidden away in my underground vault (thanks Richard!). It was time for a good airing.

This is our lovely Mayor, Kevin Byrne, all dollied up as Dame Edna. I believe that's radio jock John Piva on Kev's arm, but I would welcome reader's feedback.

The function was one of those annual Chamber of Commerce luncheons, when Kev attempts to make a good laugh for the audience, usually at his own expense. Sometimes it works. Other times he picks a recently deceased world leader like Yasser Arafat, and it goes horribly wrong, and in really bad taste.

When Andrew Grittiths orchestrates and advises Kevin, it's usually a treat for the audience. The fact that our Mayor has the ability to laugh at himself, not only saves us some time, it's shows us he can be a good sport.

By the way, we should say a big hello to all those CairnsBlog virgins, that got lured here this weekend by our $250 Cairns Post advert. Hope it shamelessly did the trick to get us more readers.

So, herewith we present the return of our infamous Caption Contest.

Please remember the rules: You can be as funny as you like, so long as it's not derogatory. Com'm Paul, Terry and Denis, I know you're reading this. We expect some funny comments from you lads.

As always, I'll start the ball rolling...

  1. "Haha, if I look more like Val, I just might get her votes too."
  2. "Amanda never looked better after that facial and Vichy."
  3. "Who says I look like Bryan Law, four years on?"
  4. "Hurry up with that photo, we're off to see a queen."
  5. "Yeah, I do shave under my arms, it's a metro-sexual thing."
  6. ....your turn.....


Anonymous said...

gee .. as a woman, we would be able to screw him for a change!!

Anonymous said...

Paul.....yuck!......spare me the thought please!

Anonymous said...

Sorry scintilla. I hadnt had my morning coffee when writing that. now that I can focus, I made a horrible mistake.

Mervyn Glymph said...

Be kind fellow citizens .. This is the first image that I have ever seen of Kevin where he appears to be truly happy, calm and relaxed .. Lascivious little minx that he is.

Anonymous said...

...and just when Britney Spears thought it couldn't get any worse.....