Saturday 8 March 2008

Hello Mary

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    Subject: [Letter to Editor] from Mary
    Address : 2 Greeslopes Date: 4 March 2008 3:17:49 PM

    I have never been treated so rudely by the owners of Piccolo Cucina in Cairns .

    We have dined all over the world and this Italian establishment is quite mediocre. When they finally decided to wait on us, the owner was so condescending. We ordered a bottle of the house cab, which was decent. He tried to talk us into a more expensive wine and from then on we were ignored. We finally ordered the cheese pizza and spaghetti pomodoro.

    I asked for garlic to be put on both and he said flat out "No". I asked for chilli flakes and he said "No". The pizza was cooked in a wood burning stove but the crust did not stand up. It was soggy and tasteless.

    The spaghetti was done perfectly but the sauce was bland with no fresh seasoning or garlic.
    - Mary


KitchenSlut said...

Piccolo can have a style of handling customers which can seem unusual, abrupt and yes condescending at times.

The experience can be variable but more often than not has the potential to delight. On its day this is the best pasta in town that I have experienced .... pasta homemade by Piccolo's missus as I understand .....

Anonymous said...

We're going for restaurant reviews now?

How about Buckin Mex, at Global Palace? I had the absolutely worst lunch I've ever had in Cairns at this place this past week. The tortilla was so dried out that I needed an ax, not a knife. The meat was cold, the taco sauce straight out of a can.

All for $29!


And for those that have been to a proper Mexican restaurant somewhere, you'll know that the tortilla chips starter is ALWAYS COMPLIMENTARY, and FRESH chips not straight out of a bag from Coles.

Anonymous said...

And whats up with Fetta's?
The set menu used to be very filling, but now I go home still hungry.
Kanpai is the best by far!!

KitchenSlut said...

Buckin Mex?

Mate, the Kitchen Slut draws a line at such establishments!

I mean, you seem to find as a surprise something that most people in town would regard pythonesquely as the bleeding obvious?

Mate, it appears that the whole of Cairns, except yourself, was aware that Bucking Mex was shit?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,

Sorry that you didn't enjoy your dining experience..

"no fresh seasoning"
"i asked for chilli flakes"

chill flakes aren't a fresh ingredient