Saturday 8 March 2008

Check the copy first

We're starting to worry about whoever is putting the adverts together for Kev's Unit Party.

FOUR of Big Kev's EIGHT candidates are new, yet he's saying first-time Councillors will be disastrous.

Bill PHILLIPS-TURNER FIRST TIMER! (will walk out of your meeting)
Sno BONNEAU (a ring in)
Deirdre FORD (relocating election signs)
Kath PLATH (redesigning election brochures)
Paul FREEBODY (redesigning election brochures)
Terry JAMES Who? You don't even need a wheelchair to beat this guy!
Paul GREGORY (a ring in)
Kevin BYRNE Has no plan, and no ideas left. Same old tired out of touch stuff.


Anonymous said...

Just shows KB is only really interested in himself. He'll even throw his own "team" candidates overboard to maintain his own position.

Anonymous said...

oh but he'll get back in, mark my words.

This is just an indication of how selfish the man is. I'm guessing he wasn't too happy with the Plath/Freebody brochures, then he goes and does this...

Anonymous said...

If byrne even gets 30% he should think himself fotunate, I certainly do not think he will be back in.
We need a council that lets the community have say and one that maintains this region properly.
Val Schier and team and some independants are our only chance for us to stop this place going backwards.

Anonymous said...

who cares what mayor gets in. Take away the teams, that's where the voting power is..

think about it - the mayor is one vote. he can only swing if it's tied.

take away the power a team mayor has over his team and theyve lost their powerbase. its just common sense!

im voting independent, this team business is a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

Michael,Michael, Michael. . .

Some of us get tired of your "conspiracy" theories and nit-picking.

Kevin Byrne is absolutely correct in pointing out the lack of experience in the Cairns First team, and there is NO REASON his team should be judged by the same standard.

Because as everyone knows, if you're on Byrne's team you have no need for experience - all you're paid to do is vote as the mayor tells you. "Vote no", aye commandant! "Vote yes", seig heil, mein fuhrer, "Suck this", how fast, your excellency!

Chimps dressed up as councillours, that's what the Unity Team is. Thinking for yourself is discouraged.

Anonymous said...

All Councillors are new at some point. It is a meaningless argument!

Anyone can do it and learn on the job. Afterall, its what happens in every other local government in Australia.

Give the new comers a chance.

Anonymous said...

Hey big Kev you were new once ... its just another of your "fear " tactics ... but thats you Kev just a big bully, why liase if you can intimidate ... grow up.