Saturday 8 March 2008

Electric SnoAnts - deadly pests

Electric SnoAnts (Wasmannia auropunctata) are an invasive pest.

The Electric SnoAnt was discovered in Smithfield, North Queensland over the last couple of years. It's believed at first, they hunt solitary, but recent sightings have determined that they multiply and work in pairs.

This new development is very concerning to those that reside in known SnoAnts areas.

This is potentially difficult for unsuspecting prey, as you don't know which one to trust. They can turn on you with the most minor interaction.

The Electric SnoAnt needs to be contained at all costs. Although detected originally in Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach has had a particularly nasty invasion of these predatory creatures over the last 4 years.

Local Clifton residents were so concerned, that they even formed a new community association to deal with the problem.

Biosecurity Queensland is working with the community to conduct a treatment and surveillance program to eradicate this pest. Early detection will mean that certain harsh, but effective pesticides can treat further outbreaks, and restore the safety of the community.

Recent investigations have now been confirmed that the SnoAnt mates with some exsisting noxious species of pests, however still appears to operate alone.

Should you discover Electric SnoAnts on your property, we recommend reporting it to the community so that more are aware on the neighbourhood infestation.

If you are aware of the Electric SnoAnt, you must advise your nearest local authority so urgent measures can be undertaken.

Thank you for your help with this serious matter.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cairns Blog for alerting residents in Division 9 to the treat of fire ants infestation in our trusting community.

This lead me to do research and discovered that i did not have to look far to witness the deleterious effects. I hasten to alert residents to the following alarming facts.

1. Like human colonies the species has a political and social structure. While generally small in size, there exists occasional large rogue ones that like to dominate and go against the will of their community. The community generally wins through by causing the recalcitrants ones to vacate and migrate further a field to un suspecting terrain.

2. The rogue ones have characteristics similar to the human species. They tend to attach themselves to issues within their colony as a means of gaining notoriety and then once attaining their confidence breach their trust by deceit and duplicity.

3. The rogue ones, once challenged and exposed, tend to retaliate with their venomous sting. They become insular and mischiveous and have a propensity to become malevolent in their quest to get their way.

4. Apart from their abnormal size rogue (sno)ants lack any loyalty, backbone and are generally wimps. They rely on outside influences and favours to boost their cause before abandoning them and moving on to other victims.

5. The solution to eradication is to ensure that the community remains vigilant and does not get snowed under by their false promises and two faced stance. Always ask yourself which face can you believe today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely warning to be on the lookout for Electric SnoAnts.

They sound like they're Sno good for the community and should be eradicated. Just take care when you are stamping them out, as I have heard that this species are not the attractive, charming creatures they appear to be, and can give nasty stings to whoever attempts to disturb them.

Anonymous said...

True Sycophants don't change their ways, just because they change divisions!

Anonymous said...

A Community Alert Notice!!!!

Electric Sno Ant has left his Clifton Beach nest where he has been bunkered avoiding the Peoples 'Electric Sno Ant'Eradication Team for a foray into enemy territory.

Electric Sno Ant was over heard trying to convince the University to have his 'Two Faces have I' poster on display as well if they were going to allow Janine to launch her campaign there.

Leaving behind his now famous venom he proceeded into a blitz attack on the unsuspecting Member for Barron River electoral office staff. Spraying from his mouth at random his venom he demanded to know if their office was behind the Community Forum at the Smithfield Tavern this evening.

Bemused, the threatened staff were tempered to call the exterminators when he made an embarrassing retreat. He was last seen heading crest fallen back to his Sno Ant hill.

Rumor has it that he may remain there overnight bunkered down avoiding the forum and a confrontation with the betrayed community.

The Peoples Electric Sno Ant Eradication Team have been warned to wear extra protection in the event he makes another foray into enemy territory this evening.