Friday 3 September 2010

Val wants you to play around

Today's opening of the new Cairns tennis centre, right next to Tobruk Pool on Sherdian Street, is starting with a bang, louder than John McEnroe screaming "you cannot be serious!".

It's free entry from today, 3rd - 12th September, for the inaugural Cairns International, that will host a line up of pro tennis stars. The Cairns International pro tournament is on from every day from 8am and under lights, from 5pm.

New Zealand Davis Cup rep Daniel King-Turner, will join Australian Olivia Rogowska, and junior Wimbledon runner-up Ben Mitchell at the opening events.

The three week tennis tour, will showcase locals in a week of community-focused tennis, culminating in the Davis Cup, with prizes of $40,000 up for grabs.

The schedule aims to reach out to the community through events including a coaching day by tennis great Evonne Goolagong, focused at aspiring indigenous girls visiting far northern communities and a coaching day for juniors.

The Legends celebrity match on Friday 10th September, will include Davis Cup players Wayne Arthurs, Sandon Stolle and Richard Fromberg, with players hooked up to microphones, so the audience can enjoy tennis banter.

On Sunday 17th, the new centre will host an open day with guided tours and a a chance to meet local tennis clubs.

Cairns Regional Council Mayor Val Schier will officially welcome players, officials, and delegates at an official launch celebration at the Court House Hotel this Sunday.


Ed in Edge Hill said...

Rugnut Mackenzie had a caller on yesterday spreading the rumour that the tennis courts are already falling apart. Rugnut, instead of questioning the report at council or elsewhere, let the jerk rant on and on about how "council can't build anything, then swinging into an attack on the Mayor for the "Valcano".

I don't know if there is a nugget of truth in the rumour. I do know however that it was Rugnut and his business cronies that attacked council for awarding the tennis centre contract to a company skilled at building them - then browbeat the contractor into employing CEC as a subcontractor.

Thaddeus said...

I drove past the tennis centre today and couldnt help but notice the awful seating arrangements, extremely steep and without shade. They looked as cheap as the proverbial "chips".
CEC signs are all over the place.
I doubt I will ever attend a game.....seating is just too uncomfortable, very awkward to climb down, and completely out in the sun.

CBD WArrior said...

The seating to which you refer is only temporary, for the Davis cup matches. It will be gone in a few weeks.

Thaddeus said...

Well hoo bloody ray for that! That seating is as spindly and frail as a worm rotted coffin. Come a puff of wind and it will all totter down like a pack of soggy cards.
A good sized fella like myself needs something substantial to sit on.