Wednesday 8 September 2010

Healthy English: Cairns North or North Cairns?

Here's the bright new community health building opposite Tobruk Pool on Sheridan Street.

The facility houses the Red Cross Blood Service, dental services, a Diabetes centre, and the sexual health clinic that is leaving the old Hospital Superintendent's red brick house on the Esplanade.

As the the finishing touches are completed, signs went up a few days ago, but should it be 'Cairns North' or 'North Cairns', or maybe just plain 'Cairns'?


CBD Warrior said...

Who cares? Don't you have anything better to do than gin up non-existent controversies?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

It matters not which way you place the words, as the sign delivers the same message:
Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Adjective, Pronoun.
I challenge anyone to dispute this fact!
Basically it proves that people working in government cannot read or write, should never be in charge of ANYTHING written, and should be held accountable for everything they DO write.
If Queensland Health are involved, it's doomed to failure from the beginning because of the level of incompetence, corruption and misdiagnosis, which are on record.
The administration section of this facility will soon fall into line with that of the CBH, and they DO make huge mistakes, costing many people their livelihood, their lifestyle or both, so before you enter either of those facilities, you should make out a Will.
Queensland, one day beautiful, the next day Corporate!

Health Consumer said...

Re Kevin-John: Morgan. comments;

Queensland Health does not have a monopoly on making mistakes and costing citizens their lives or reducing quality of life.

There is something like 14,000 qualified mistakes made in the Australian health system every year, they can happen anywhere, anytime.
Even local GPs are not immune. The trick for everyday Joe Citizen is to 1) stay healthy and stay out of the health system 2)always get a get a second opinion if in any doubt and if you have something seriously wrong with you, where there are no or few specialists in the north, get on a plane and go south. In the case of someone I know, this was the case recently, and it saved their life. If they had remained in hospital here in Cairns, he would now be dead!

Bazza said...

The Post Office is named Cairns North, why would a state gov building be named differently.
Michael your silly comparison has drawn the usual crap comment.

Cairns Resident said...

Sexual Health and Dental Health are to be on either side of a breezeway in the new building. There is no truth in the rumour that this is to be called the oral sex route nor that it will be the place to get root canal therapy.