Tuesday 3 March 2009

With this ring, I thee wed

I'm not really the type that brings people together. That's not the role of a Blogger. Just ask Lance Royce.

I want to be upfront, and record how much I detest Facebook. I'm no social networking butterfly. They're a massive time-waster. I'd rather watch paint dry on the yet-to-be-built new hospital. I was dragged into joining some months ago, and every other day get requests from people to be their 'friend' whom I've never met or think they spotting me at a Pink Floyd concert in 1982.

However, I received an Facebook email notice saying that I'd introduced Councillor Forsyth and Member for Cairns Boyle as 'friends.
  • "Diane Forsyth and Desley Boyle are now friends. You suggested this friendship. You can suggest more people that Desley may know."
I was going to email Desley with other potential 'friends' like Peter Sandecock, Pauline Hanson, Bryan Law, Joel and Wendy Harrop-Richardson (bless), and even some tree-huggers and heritage campaigners.

I wish both Desley and Diane a happy marriage and look forward to the birth of their first child. Who will be the mum, I wonder? I would be appropriate to book them in cor a candlelit dinner at Mondos on Friday night.

I'm really touched to have been able to play a role in this important union. It's yet another one of the varied and happy services that the team at CairnsBlog is happy to assist with, no matter what political persuasion you are.

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