Friday 6 March 2009

We never wanted the Yacht building - JCU

As the election spin rolls on, and CairnsBlog uncovered the appalling state of the remains of the Yacht Club building at JCU, we can reveal that there was strong resistance from the University to take on the old building.

James Cook University sources have told CairnsBlog that they never wanted the "wreck of the Aquatic on its property."

When they were pressed to have it by the Labor Party via lobby from local MPs Steve Wettenhall and Desley Boyle, they requested it be dismantled and marked in accordance with Heritage Rules of best practice.

This did not happen. We all know now that the building was literally demolished.

Some of the remnants are being sold by the demolition company as salvage.

JCU are very upset over the bad publicity it has been drawing from the community over the historic ruins of the Yacht Club.

"They apparently were coerced into doing this," the source told CairnsBlog. "No-one wants to take the blame for it. It is rumoured that, after the election, there might be a fire there."

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