Tuesday 3 March 2009

Free tickets to Watchman

CairnsBlog, through our extensive media resources and industry contacts, is pleased to give away some movie tickets.

I have some double passes to the official Cairns movie premier of Watchmen, tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. The pr blurb says...
  • "A complex, multi-layered mystery adventure.
    An adaptation of Alan Moore's landmark comic book series, Watchmen is a story set in an alternative 1985, where the world is ticking closer to the brink of nuclear war, and a plot to eliminate a band of ex-crimefighters is instigated, but why? and by whom?
    It is up to two of those ex-crimefighters to investigate the plot that seems to go beyond the unthinkable. Who is watching the Watchmen?

I'll only accept the most irrational and off the planet reason why you deserve a free handout from CairnsBlog. Email me your excuses, which I reserve the right to publish.


T. Asquith said...

Mike, can we do a deal? My squillion CEC shares for two movie tickets and a large La Porchetta pizza. Please?

KitchenSlut said...

I will take the risk and do you an alternative offer on those squillion CEC shares Tom? However, only if you will accept the movie tickets on TAT (tight-arse-tuesday at half price)and if it's a basic pizza? No way i'm gunna offer may personal fave the premium smoked salmon pizza, and anyway you don't deserve that luxury for holding a squillion CEC :)