Wednesday 4 March 2009

Cyclone coming, according to WIN TV

Don't you love it when regional news hypes it up so much, to sensationalise a bite-sized piece of reporting.

Every hour or so, they run a snack-sized 'news update. Ten, 7, WIN, they all do it. They come on and are all over in a matter of seconds. It's like eating Chinese. You think you're full afterwards, but always want more. You're never satisfied.

Last night, in one of those 30-second fillers, presented as 'news', WIN TV announced that there's a "cyclone possibly going to form off the Coast of Cairns."

Well, no there's not. I guess to get the word 'cyclone' into a news story rates it higher.

The Bureau of Met said this evening, that the outlook for the Coral Sea is that there's a weak low over the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula.

"The chance of this system developing into a tropical cyclone during the next three days is low."

Talk about talking it up!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when Win News actually get it right.