Monday 2 March 2009

Around the Blogs

I know I can't take all the credit for the plethora of Blogs in and around Cairns these days, but when I kicked off this baby nearly a couple of years ago, we had only The Cairns Post and John McKenzie for opinion and news!

Before that, long before that, we had the infamous Barfly. How I miss the weekly Barfly.

So maybe I started a bug, that has spread faster than a good dose of Dengue.
  • KitchenSlut reports that CEC been suspended has this morning from quotation on the ASX, after failing to lodge it's half yearly result by last Friday's deadline. Naughty boys!
    CEC has released
    an explanation for this failure and expects to lodge the results by tomorrow. KitchenSlut says the accounts should make interesting reading, "Well for some of us anyway:)."
    He's also picked up on the Labor Government's hypocrisy following a
    Courier-Mail report of a big spend up of public funds on a shrine to its own party heritage!

  • Northern Truth doesn't like using the LNP name, and prefers the ALP slant of calling the opposition the National Party. Lance says that leader "Smorgasbord aka Gomer Pyle was her [sic] last week and caused a big stir with the local Cairns media! Now in the second week interest and momentum have slowed to a snails pace. He notes that "the National Party has decided on a presidential style campaign." Truth is that they both have, but I agree that the local campaign on both sides is rather lack-lusture. "I guess we wait for the leader to return to inject interest back into the campaign," Royce says. "At this point it's just wait and see if any of the candidates can attract any media attention on there own."

  • Henry's Fosnez Blog is on my fav list too. For an IT pro, he's not a bad observer of issues. He's picked up on the debate about the Stoney Creek youth 'Northen Outlook' centre, with some sound rationale why the propaganda and media coverage has hardly told the full story. I have to agree.

  • I'm enjoying a regular serving of the The Cairns Roast. The Roast tells us that, for us "Kiwis out there, LNP is not a soft drink, well, it is, but not in this context. Nope, LNP is the bastard child of the liberals and the national party. Formed way back in 2008 under the direction of Lawrence Springborg....

  • Mark Alexander has finished up as editor of the Cairns Post, as Not The Cairns Post notes. "How should we, the Cairns community, regard his mercifully short tenure? Pretty poor"
    There's also an exclusive interview with Matthew Fenn, one of the naked bike riders, that caught national attention on a slow news day. The put the Cairns Post in context and tell the real story.

  • Dennis Quick's CairnsWatch blog, is still offline, while he drives the LNP campaign for the region.

  • Syd Walker talks about the filtering, or censorship. "In recent debate over the Australian Government’s schemes to censor the Internet," Walker says, "‘censor’ is increasingly the word of choice for those – such as myself – who oppose these plans."

  • Former Council candidate and JCU President Janine Aitken, who's been spotted leafleting for Wettenhall, talks Pauline Hanson and The Borg.

  • Barry Neall on his Residents Against Crime blog, keeps us up to date with our big nasty world - and that's just down Mulgrave Road!

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