Sunday 2 March 2008

Former Mayor Tom Pyne to launch campaign

Monday evening will be a special moment in the Pyne family.
At his campaign launch, Cairns Regional Council candidate for Division 3, Rob Pyne, son of former Mayor, Tom Pyne AO.
Robert continues the legacy his father left behind in 2000 after servicing more than 35 years in local politics, 21 years as Mayor.
Tom Pyne will ask for support to help him defeat deputy Mayor Terry James at the upcoming elections on March 15th.
Tom Pyne was Mayor of the former Mulgrave Shire Council from 1979 and defeated Kevin Byrne when the Shire was amalgamated with the Cairns City Council in 1995. He held the city's top job for 21 years.
Robert Pyne said he would serve Council on a full-time basis.
"I believe a part-time commitment is not an adequate commitment for Councillors of the new Cairns Regional Council. I will have more than 8,000 electors to represent around the Council table," he said.

Robert would push for a more open and democratic council.
"I will not be intimidated by whoever is elected as Mayor," says Robert.
He holds degrees in history, politics and law.
"It was now time for ‘full time’ councillors. These positions as divisional councillors are a big responsibility and not only require a full time commitment but must be filled by people who are free of any conflict of interest arising from other business interests," says Robert.
Cairns Pacific International Hotel
Monday 3rd March, 5:30pm
Corner Esplanade & Spence Street


Anonymous said...


Anyone who has not sent an RSVP and would like to come, just give me a call on 40360 376. There was an ad in the Cairns Sun, but some of you readers may not have seen it.

Warm Regards,
Rob Pyne.

KitchenSlut said...

A fraudulent populist still in my view, but with the abysmal candidate line up why not advocate an informal vote?

Although my understanding of electoral law is that advocating such a vote may be illegal?

Last time we had the alternative of voting as Mayor for the bankrupt who had already been disallowed, but too late to remove from the voting paper.

This time, why be forced to vote for anyone?

Anonymous said...

I do hope Rob hasn't inherited the financially irresponsible policies of his father' previous Labor Council.

And, heaven forbid, should Val's amateurs take control, then Cairns financial future will be ruined.

Example ... if you are wondering why the older suburbs are lacking the basic infrastructure, and you can remember Tom Pyne saying, (regarding funding the new Council chambers in Spence Street),that "we can afford it".

Then here's your answer.

$40 million was spent on Tom's palace. That's $40 million that wasn't spent on footpaths or kerbs or road seal or swimming pool refurbishment etc.

And that's why Kevin Byrne bought in David Farmer as CEO.
It was his job to get the previous Council's debt off the ratepayers back.

Under Kevin's astute guidance, David was able to keep Council's expenditure under control and significantly reduce debt.

Don't throw all that hard work away for voting for amateurs.

Anonymous said...

factman, aka kbcumbreath, u r such a f**king dikwad.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously reading the wrong sheet of music. That’s why you are out of step with the rest of this community. KB has done nothing for the cultural heart of this place. He wouldn’t support the Jazz Festival when the State Government offered $1 for $1 to run one here so we did it without Council help. He’s high jacked the Fun In The Sun and its been going down hill ever since. He thinks he is the Drum Major, but when he turns around he finds he has no Band. There is virtually no musical entertainment left in the CBD. Don’t try to bullshit about him not being able to influence anything. He started Advance Cairns and has used that for his own ends ever since.