Sunday 2 March 2008

Kevin Byrne Memorial Dance Floor

The Cairns Tropic Jazz Club is moving from the historic Aquatic building on the waterfront soon.

This will be a black day in the life of Mayor Kevin Byrne and the Cairns City Council. It will also be a black day for all elected officials that failed the Cairns community in not representing their interests to retain this heritage building.

The Tropic Jazz Club is relocate to the Tigers AFL Club

  • The main part of the stage is completed at the Tigers AFL Club
  • Shortly it will be carpeted and the sides put up
  • The ends will be curtains to allow musicians to place their instrument cases under.
  • There will be power points on stage.
  • Coloured Lights and moving coloured lights will go up
  • The Fans above the stage will have the blades removed so that the wind does not distort the instruments
  • There is 60 bookings for Thursday 3rd April already and the Hall will hold about 250 at a pinch 300
  • Closer to the date we will need some helpers for the tables and decorations
  • The banners will be removed and we can have our own backdrop up there for the night.
  • The 600 Watt Amp will be left mainly connected with mic stands, a drum kit and Bass Amp on the Stage
  • 6 Bands have registered for the night so far

If Kevin Byrne is re-elected on March 15th, he won't be welcome.

If any of the other candidates if elected will definitely be there. Some will be there even if they are not elected.

As Byrne said on a telephone call to Selwyn Johnston, after being called a wanker, 'you've made an enemy for life,' and then hung up. Well, we're about to hang up on this Mayor.

MORE Info:
Rob Williams
President and Musical Director
4055 1916 or 0418 774 175


Anonymous said...

Did you know, Michael, that the Cairns Yacht Club building is owned by the members of the Cairns Yacht Club, not by the Tropical Jazz has beens or anybody else.
And when those club members endorsed their committee's decision to accept the State Goverments offer of a new club within the new Aquatic Centre, then that is the end of the matter.
Rob has had to find some other rent free establishment in where he can blow his horn.
So be it, end of story, nothing to do with Kevin Bryne, just the owners, (viz. members), making a pratical decision bought about by the CPA lease termination.
Are you saying that Kevin should interfere in a private matter between the building owners and the State Government land upon which it is sited?
You just don't give up, do you?

Anonymous said...

One last effing time FM,.. and watch and read carefulkly.. because you have shown an inability to understand mother English in the past.

Byrne never represented the majority interests of the Cairns community. Therefore he IS part of the problem and THE reason this building has been ignored by your effing Council.

Anonymous said...

Well, blow me trumpet Rob Williams.

How can you say that a 3 times, (shortly about to be 4 times), successful Mayor never represented the interests of the Cairns community.

What a silly statement.

OK ... lets say you get your way.

You get to keep your free rental tin shed to blow away in.
In other words, your Labor mates in Brisbane do a backflip and grant heritage to the ramshackle shed.

Then the landlord, (CPA), will say, "fair rent for that prime real estate location please".

And the Council will say, "how about paying rates like everyone else does".

Guess what ... immediate closure.

The Cairns Yacht Club could never ...

a. raise the required capital to bring the building/kitchen/toilets/decking up to the required standard.
b. Generate a cash flow that would pay the rent etc.

The building can be saved, abeit at a different location, but where is the financial support comming from the community?

There is none, ziltch, zip, FA.

So back off and let the building's owners make the only realistic and appropriate decision regarding THEIR building.

That's how democracy works ...

Anonymous said...

Well Factman, you opened your gate and demonstrated how abysmally ignorant you really are. For a start there are ten trumpet players in the city and I am not one of them. Be careful they could find you and jam one up your Khyber, then you migt get in tune when you blow yours. Secondly, the Jazz Club never claimed to have anything to do with the Cairns Yacht Club except to be hired by them to play in the Aquatic Club House you Moron. Thirdly the move by thousands of Cairns Ratepayers and Residents was to save the club house for its Historical base and importance to the city over the past 100 years. Of course you would not have any idea about that because you are a Johnny come lately and brought with you a head full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Dear Oh Dear Factman, If only you could get your facts right. The Aquatic Club (CYC) is actually owned and built by the community. It sits on land owned by the community. Which is managed by the CPA. Its current trustees are the CYC. The trustees were forced to vacate the building under threat of eviction by the CPA.
Kevin Byrne did interfere with the CYC by holding a "closed door" meeting using a cross funded (by our rates) group including CPA, Advance Cairns, TTNQ and of course K. B's Council. I suggest Factman you read your own council's minutes.
The decision to relocate was made by the CYC committee as a fait acompli, so therefore its members did not have an opportunity to vote or consider their options.Public opinion Polls, Cairns Post, ABC et al Show the total ignorance of anything remotely democratic regarding community input regarding a say in the development of Cairns and our community waterfront, sounds like a typical Kevin deal to me.
Finally, regarding rates and rent are you seriously saying that the Aquatic community building should be paying commercial rates to the Council and State Government for its voluntary work ?
Whacko, just think of all our community tennis, bowling, football and other clubs being rated on their potential as High density High rise sites, what a windfall for developers and council rates, a "Material Change of Use" as quick as a rubber stamp. I am sure Factman you know how that works. No doubt you and Kevin are going to be very busy improving the Ambiance and Lifestyle of Cairns if re elected.

Anonymous said...

I acknowlege your superior recollection of the facts, ex Commodore Bob.

I just get so pizzed off with KB copping the blame on this one when we all know the real culprits are those 4 labor dogs, Boyle, Pitt, O'Brien and the previous Lesley Clarke.

But we all know that this blog won't aknowledge that.