Saturday 1 March 2008

Thou protest too much

As has been the case over recent weeks, CairnsBlog beats others to the stories.

Not always. We were pipped at the post by the Post about the strippers. Oh, and the snake gobbling dog story. And the croc one. Well, we miss all the gruesome wildlife ones, but that's not what we're here for. CairnsBlog likes to hunt out bigger prey.

On Tuesday evening, City Councillor Deirdre Ford was caught red-handed removing Richie Bates' election sign on the corner of Lake and Grove Streets. Eileen Munro was leaving the hospital after her shift, and she promptly called Bates to report the incident.

Richie kindly supplied me exclusively the recording of a voice mail that Deirdre left on his phone. If you haven't already heard it, I suggest you do. It's a treat. Funnier than watching The Bill on a Saturday night and more satisfying than knitting booties for your new born neighbour. So far 324 people have listened in on dear Deirdre's message. An interesting side note, when Post writer Bronwyn Cummings asked Richie Bates to hear the voicemail, he told her: "It's on CairnsBlog." "Oh, I dunno how to use that thing," she said nervously.

In Deirdre's defence, however she says she was at the Darts Club on Tuesday night and the Cairns Post reports that this is recorded in the minutes. However, we've been informed she was there for "only a few minutes".

It doesn't look good.

First there was Freebody and Plath with their disastrous election leaflets. Paul became defensive and blamed his printer.

Now Igor Deirdre is up to no good in the dark of night.

Today Phillips-Turner and Byrne walk out of a community meeting.

That leaves the Lazy Designer Terry who will be run over by a rogue wheelchair in the next two weeks, and Denis Keeffe who told everyone at Yorkeys about the Taipans. Oh, and he lives in an apartment. Cooper and Kingham appear to have kept clean. Must be a girl thing.

And let's not forget good ol Sno. He's Kev's man on the beaches, make no mistake. He'll be there to kick start the dozer on LHL's land for Smithfield 2.

I hear the word from inside Stalag 13 is that things are not at all good. The captian is nervous and the iceberg is nearing. The House of Cards is falling down around KGB.

12 days and counting before we reclaim our city.


Anonymous said...

All thanks go to Cairns Blog for prising open the can of worms that dresses up as Kevin Byrne and (dis)Unity.

One must ask where is the Cairns Post our bastion of upholding our democratic principles.

Yes, while it fiddles with peripheral drivel Cairns burns.

The fish stinks from the head.

We has an administration that is selling Cairns short.

An administration that is bordering on systemic corrupt practices and yet the Cairns Post worries about a snake eating a dog and gives it front page status to boot.

An administration that prides itself on development at all costs.

An administration that has become stale, lazy, inept and arrogant.

An administration that bullies its residences that beg to differ, into submission.

An administration that encourages by countenance its candidates to tamper with election corflutes and then when caught red handed lie, to walk out cowardly from a community forum, instead of listening to their well founded grievances.

Questions need to be asked of and answered by the Mayor and Cr Sno Bonneau as to what deals have been struck to gain the endorsement of the Mayor in not standing a Unity team candidate in Division 9.

What deals have been struck between the Mayor and Cr Sno Bonneau and the owners/developers of the new proposed Smithfield Centre to the detriment of existing retailers.

Cairns residents must have answers to the above questions and others before the 15th March.

The Cairns Post and other media outlets with their adequate resources need to conduct their own investigations. They owe it to the people of Cairns to expose the truth.

The time has come for a change......the Byrne's administration has reached its use by date. The ageing product must be removed from the shelf.

There is on offer a creditable alternative in Val Schier and Cairns 1st candidates.

We must realise the urgency of now.

We must seize the moment.

We must change.

Anonymous said...

why is not D Ford resigning for blantantly lying, to the ABC Radio as well as other media about this matter, how come KB does not disendorse her. I mean she was caught red handed removing an opponents sign and then repeatedly lied about it to the media. I mean what is going on here!!! Where is the rest of the media, when is the Queensland Government or the CMC!?? How can this occur and nohting happen!? D Ford is a grown adult but she must have serious mental health probs to be denying it all. The way these two bit councilors are so desperate to hang on to their little-Hitler jobs is disgusting. Get a life people and do things off your own bat, independently as a an individual, not like as Factman aka kbcumbreath, who has submitted his independence and manhood to another, Factman's children are fed and educated by KB, Fatman's bills and home are there through the talents and hardwork of KB. KB working hard to get compliant underlings like factman to forfeit their souls. Factman I pay for my own kids food and home, off my own bat, I have not humiltaed myself like u. Ps. Factman aka kncumbreath - you are such a f**king dikwad!

Anonymous said...

Hello Scintilla,
You may ask as well,what deal has been done in Division 1,where the Mayor is not standing a Unity Team candidate.
Only one so called independant candidate standing,what
a joke,Byrne wins a division without standing a candidate.