Thursday 6 March 2008

Yesterday, I received notification from YouTube that it had received a request from WIN TV to remove a video of about Councillor Paul Freebody, a mate of Mayor Byrne's and candidate for re-election in Division 4.

This had been featured on WIN TV News Cairns, in early February.

And rightly so. I mean it was rather embarrassing. The things Paul said about Kirsten Lesina made him look absolutely foolish. I wouldn't want that online if I'd said that on camera.

This saga is all about Paul Freebody's election leaflet.

Here's the email I got...

And here's the transcript of the video...
  • Paul Taylor, WIN TV Studio:
    Dirty politics has crept into the far northern election campaign.
    While some confutes have already been defaced by vandals, one candidate has come under attack for a mistake-riddled Unity flyer

    Amber Austin-Wright (reporter):
    When it comes to local politics it really comes down to the nitty gritty.

    Kirsten Lesina, Cairns 1st Candidate:
    Well, he released the first flyer that had at least 15 spelling and grammatical errors, as well as errors about the boundaries.

    Cr Paul Freebody:
    I know she’s only 21, and she’s young and needs to do a bit of growing up.

    Cairns 1st candidate Kirsten Lesina, has attacked her rival, Paul Freebody for his latest campaign flyer.
    She says it incorrectly states the suburbs that make up Division 4. He’s blaming it on the print man.

    Cr Paul Freebody:
    The first version sent out was really just to get the colour background. The final version that was sent to him on the Thursday night for printing and unfortunately he made an error and he’s very apologetic about that.

    But she’s not convinced.

    Kirsten Lesina:
    You can’t blame so many mistakes on printing errors, especially errors with the boundaries. That wouldn’t have been anything to do with the printer, that would have been to do with the person that designed it, which was Paul Freebody.

    Mr Freebody has branded her swipe a cheap political stunt. But he’s not the only one in the firing line.

    Dianne Forsyth, Cairns 1st Candidate
    They were out at 6 o’clock at night and by eight o’clock I had a phone call to say that three of them had been defaced. Quite horribly in fact.

    One thing’s for certain it’s shaping up to be a dirty campaign.

    Cr Paul Freebody
    What I say is Kirsten, focus on what’s good for the community, and don’t get into gutter politics. You’re better than that love. I know you’re young. I know you’re ambitious. Don’t go down that path.

Paul, I'll see you in court. (weather permitting)


Anonymous said...

Mike, 2 points:

1. as a graphic designer i spent the first 7 years of my working life in a print shop (sadly, the first few years as the "junior" meant doing the menial jobs like throwing together shitty little flyers) and any proofs that went out to the client were to check 1 - copy; and 2 - correct content, ie. the map.

"to check the colour background"!!! freebody you're a f_ckwit.

2: a qualified graphic designer would not have put together such a peice of shit. even as a home produced flyer it's a really poor attempt. you're giving the print men a bad name freebody.

Anonymous said...

Paul Nobody hasn't caught on yet: when you make a dick of yourself, stay quiet and let it blow over (memories tend to be short on matters such as this). Due his fragile ego and lack of common sense, he keeps reminding us all of his considerable short-comings. Mate, it's a simple rule; when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!

Mervyn Glymph said...

Having formerly saved the entertaining little piece in the "One Day I'm Going To Kill Bubbles Freebody" file, I shall now unpack it, add it to my own My Space channel. Then, I will send it off to several friends and colleagues whom, I'm sure, will be more than happy to add it to their My Space channels ... Just for the foolish fun of it all.
Sorry Paul (I said love, said pet), such are the possibilities of the internet .. Lather up and enjoy it baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud people give it a break.

Kirsten: whinge whinge whinge
Paul: d'uhhhhhhh

That's all I saw when I watched the article.

Anonymous said...

Has the prematurely aged Mr Freebody never heard of William Pitt Junior, who became Prime Minister of Britain at the age of 24 after a brief stint as Treasurer?

Perhaps Freebody believes the simple equation "age=wisdom"?

It may be so in some cases, but the rule is not universal.

Freebody himself would appear to be the living proof.