Wednesday 12 March 2008

False Cape development

These drawings depict how the False Cape site was reconfigured under the Cairns City Council to maximize the number of house blocks for the developer.

Plan of Development in accordance with Consent Order dated 4th December 1987


Plan of Development in accordance with Cairns City Council Operational Works Approval 2006

Modification of approval conditions without triggering concurrence agencies

Incremental creep.


Anonymous said...

Proudly brought to you by MS Paint.

Why not post the original plans so people can make up their own minds.

Anonymous said...

The incremental creep seen here reminds me of developers and vegetation. On the Northern Beaches, developers, such as GlenCorp and Frost at Clifton Beach, first cleared the block and left half a dozen mature trees. Over a period of 12 months or so, the remaining trees were removed one at a time (usually on Friday afternoons at about 4pm, making it difficult for residents to contact Council and or Council to do anything if they were so inclined, which in our experience, we are all still waiting). Finally, there are no trees left whatsoever on the site. Completely cleared of all vegetation and this Council, time and time again, does zero about it.

The irony is of course, that then they build 5 storey buildings, and plant saplings in the vain hope of some sort of screening, which even to get minimal screening is going to take about 20 years!

Anonymous said...

Councils Chief Financial Officer, Noel Briggs, at 5 pm 13/3/08 has not yet supplied evidence that the two bonds are safely in the CCC bank account... CRAG

Anonymous said...

Dont tell us that King Boob has spent it on his mistress

Anonymous said...

Council has got some great talent working for them, but have too many positions vacant. Complain when the services are not up to scratch and not prepared to have rate increases to improve them.

The 'tragic' False Cape Development (described by TJ) can be placed squarely on Terry James's shoulders for championing and convincing councillor's to relax restrictive development conditions on the site. Carry a bucket if you talk with him. Is it possible for credibility to go in the negatives?