Monday 3 March 2008

Denis lives in an apartment

I attended the Yorkeys Knob election candidate's forum last week.

We finally got to met Denis Keeffe, who's running with Kevin Byrne's Unity for Division 8, which includes Yorkeys Knob. It was nice to finally get to meet him.

Just the week before, there was chat around the suburb as to who Denis was, as no one had seen him at the residents' association meetings. He certainly wasn't a member. However, Paul Matthews and Councillor Cochrane have both been regular attendees. I know Paul has door knocked most of the suburb, but I haven't heard you knock on my door yet Paul. I'll hide the guard dogs for you Paul!

After a Unity leaflet arrived in our letterbox two weeks ago, we learn't Denis does indeed live in Yorkeys. His leaflet actually says so.

At the Yorkeys Knob candidates' meeting Denis announced no less than four times, that he lives in an apartment - this is in defence of his master, Chief Pettty Officer Kevin Byrne.

So I wandered down to "31 Sims Elplanade, Yorkeys Knob" over the weekend, maybe to grab a cuppa and a interview, only to learn he doesn't live at that address. Well, unless this Taipans chief owns the entire 6 units... maybe he does?

After some investigation, I believe he's on the midddle floor somewhere. A resident told me a couple of weeks ago he had his Unity election poster attached to his balcony, for all the world to see. It's believed that the Body Corporate instructed Denis it was a breach of the property's rules, and it had to go.

Now what irks me about this, and it mirrors what I raised when Kevin Byrne first advertised his full pager in the Cairns Post a few weeks ago, where he failed to list his full address, a legal and fundamental requirement of the Electoral Act.

Now Denis is up to the same trick... peas in a pod. This Unity party pays lips service to rules it seems.

So it turns out that Denis is in breach of the Act, or simply doesn't want people to know exactly where he resides.

By the way Denis, when are you going to cease using the Taipans email address to solicit votes and support? Hardly think that all the members and supporters would like to see their money going to help you and Kevin get elected.

However, good to his word after asked by the Yorkeys Knob residents' association president, Pam Bigelow, Denis officially joined up as a member last Tuesday night. Personally, I wouldn't join any group that would have me as a member (appologies to Groucho).

On Sunday morning, Denis was out doing his election marketing down at the local Yorkeys shopping centre, when some Clean Up Australia day volunteers wandered up to his desk and asked where the need to go to join the gang. He sent them off down to the Esplanade, yet the residents' association organised clean up meeting point was on the street, right across from where Denis was sitting.

He would have gained more votes by carrying around a rubbish bag on Sunday morning, helping to clean up his suburb of all those soggy election leaflets, and feeling good about doing his bit along with 480 other Cairns' locals this year. I was out there for Clean Up Australia Day - the 7 year in a row! If Denis had, he would have got to meet some locals, and be seen to be actively interested in his community and not there merely to grab a vote.

Here's a little bit of Denis at the Yorkeys meeting:

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