Friday 7 March 2008

Blakie tells his story

Councillor Alan Blake wants independents around the Council table after next Saturday.

"This Council has been dominated by party politics for far too long. It's time you had a say."

"Together we can take back local politics and make it work for everyone. Not just the chosen few - those at the top - those with the loudest voice."


Anonymous said...

I agree with Alan that it is important of have a truly independent Council, but some independents vote with the Unity team, and so are not truly independent. Many voters do not realise this.

Anonymous said...

who cares, that Hit That Perfect Beat is song is soooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Was Alan Blake once part of the Unity team?
We only seem to hear from every three years or so....

Anonymous said...

This ex-unity dickwad is part of a group of independents that hold the balance of power at city hall, but don't have the balls to stand up to Byrne and Unity. Why the Fcuk are we still bothering with these wimps?
Party Politics? - he is a card carrying member of the Liberals

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, of all the people in the current council I do believe Alan does have the balls to stand up to Kevin. In fact, I've attended a number of open sessions that have had Alan standing up against Byrne. I don't see the problem here.

Exactly what does a team offer the residents of Cairns anyway? A 'team' allows green councillors to get in under the umbrella recommendation of a would-be mayor. I'm guessing that's why Alan chose to side with Kevin to start with.

Anonymous said...

today's politics will be devoured by string-theory politics within years, all this sort of shit will be totally irrelevant and stone-age.
eg.Wot really emotionally moves u more, a comment by Byrne or Rudd or a chord or a lyric from a song from your youth???? This is the power of the future yet to be harnessed.
Does any1 understand!?

Anonymous said...

like a political party based solely on the first 45 seconds of Billie Jean with policy decided on its sentiment alone?

Anonymous said...

Fifth anonymous down, factman you've mellowed!!!

Anonymous said...

This fellow Blake is a short fuse
bloke,never likely to be able to handle pressure at any given time,he only is interested in the
$ perks as a councillor.
He has already been on council for eight years and his contribution
during this time could be written on the back of a postage stamp.
For he sake of our city,do not vote Blake back on the council,new blood is required to get us out of the mess our city is in.

Anonymous said...

"For he sake of our city,do not vote Blake back on the council,new blood is required to get us out of the mess our city is in."

That's like saying " Quick Sergeant, replace that highly trained sniper with a new recruit that is barely out of training! That'll do it"

This sounds like the workings of a Bates/Spelta/Plath candidate or supporter. I don't personally know Alan too well, but I do own a business in the city centre - and I'm after someone that can relate with my issues.

Anonymous said...

This debate about fresh new councillors versus experienced and effective ones is a stupid argument. All councillors are new at some point, and most learn on the job, so as far as I am concerned, the fresh new and inexperienced won't be once they get in the job.
And also, the council runs itself. That is to say Council has many departments offering many services with loyal and well trained staff that keep the wheeels turning over despite elections and other influences.

Anonymous said...

i agree, i only have this point to raise.

Division 5 is the city. It needs proper representation.

I believe you should have at least one term under your belt before taking the division. there's no time to learn with citysiders & business owners.

also running for mayor i believe there should be a certain number of terms as a councillor involved as well.

Anonymous said...

Blakey is a legend.

He's truly independent, and just as sick as everyone else of KB's Unity crap. He often stands up to him, and also votes against him, as you do being an independent.

Yes, he was a member, but I'm sure you'll all agree he did the right thing by quitting. He could have romped back in on the huge Unity budget, yet, he's gone out as an Independent?

Maybe we need more of this altruism in Council..

Will be sad to see Plath go, she's bloody useless, but she's a lovely lady.

Anonymous said...


Hell we can throw mud at any of the prospective councilors, especially those that have been in before, as they have a bigger reputation!

All I know is Alan works hard. The man is like a human dynamo! Sure he is strong in his opinions.. but what do you want.. someone weak and a pushover for KB? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Iagree with ANON,Blake has had his chance for eight years on the council,over which time he has never been a driving force.
I was in a position once to have to do some business with him,I found him to be a very limited person,full of himself,my view of him at the time was he is a boy in mens trousers.He will not receive my vote.

Anonymous said...

Let me say this one more time.
Independents hold the balance of power.
So either they are responsible for the mess we have, or they have done nothing to stop it.
You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you Chaz,
but good on ya for sticking up for your mates.
If Blakey had the leadership and strength that he claims, he should be able to pull these solo hacks into line and form an effective independent opposition.
However he has not, and obviously never will.
I give him credit for his departure over the bribary affair, beyond this i see an egotistical gossiping lightweight too afraid to shape up to KB. Margaret took 7 years of abuse before she left and lives in a tortured world of wanting to do good without ever knowing how.
It is too late now and time to move on.

Anonymous said...

You're right.

Independents do hold the balance of power.

Independents like Sno "Electric SnoAnt" Bonneau(kudos on that Mike,) Annette Sheppard and Paul Gregory - All Unity hacks in Independents' clothing.

Blakey and Margaret Cochrane have gone Independent for a reason - and only recently - because they obviously don't like the way the Council is heading. I think it's a brave decision.

They're not only apt and dynamic councillors, they're bloody nice people.

Anonymous said...


The point of Independents is simply that - Independence.

You can't form an opposition of TRUE Independents, because obviously you can't have a party line with them..

Oh, and was Chaz aimed at me? Was it Chaz as in Charlie? *sigh* Haven't we been over this already? I'm not Charlie..
(If that's not what was intended, then.. ook =)

KitchenSlut said...

Go Tyson,

In principal I agree, As demonstrated by the recent Wollongong Council post the issues here are not party political.

There is nobody ... none .... standing at this council election who inspires ..... at least Blake has a record of standing up and that, at this stage, puts him ahaead of other candidates ......

Anonymous said...

Dear Kitchen Slut,

Next time hubby is at work and Blakey is over at your place "Standing up" for you,
glance across at his Liberal Party keyring on the bedside table.
It reads something like "the individual, the family, and free enterprise"
Inspiring stuff...

Anonymous said...

Blakie ahead of the rest?

Now we know. You are kidding.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed all this!

"egotistical gossiping lightweight too afraid to shape up to KB."

Egotistical? Not sure.
Gossiping... Hope not!

Lightweight too afraid to shape up to KB? ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?

You obviously haven't attended ANY open council meetings. AB is the ONLY one I've seen that has the cojonas to oppose KB strongly in meetings! Open your eyes, man.

Anonymous said...

keep it up crusader...
I love your absurdity

Blakie the STRONGMAN!

although he did tell that Indian gentleman to "go back where you come from" at BBQ's galore

did that take cojonas?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (Richie Bates) said...

Dear Kitchen Slut,

Next time hubby is at work and Blakey is over at your place "Standing up" for you, glance across at his Liberal Party keyring on the bedside table. It reads something like "the individual, the family, and free enterprise"
Inspiring stuff...

Good to see you're honest enough to return Alan's keys when he left them at your booth two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...


A smear campaign! I knew it would get dirty in the final week.

I love smear campaigns! I back Cairns 1st for winning! Because they smear the best! It's a great way to get attention! [/sarcasm]

Listen to yourselves. Grow up the lot of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I've met Blakie too and he seems alright to me. It take courage and support to stand up to a bully.
Bullies get away with their behaviour because so many people are "passive aggressives" that is they meekly acquiesce to the bullies demands, then bitch about him behind his back. These weak people are frequently self-serving "snitches" acting as spies for the bully. You can bet your bottom dollar the Unity Team has a few "passive aggressives" and "snitches" so Blakie and Margaret would have found it impossible to stand up and be counted. I know I am right in this.
Give Blakie the benefit of the doubt.

Unknown said...

Alan is an absolute gentleman, and I don't believe those mischevious stories about his daytime daliances!

However, I did cop a look at the Menzies medal, and I must confess I didn't find the caption especially inspiring.
It needs a polish too.

Anonymous said...


"Alan currently owns and operates Furniture Associates. It has been exclusively leaked to CairnsBlog that Alan's company is designing the new furniture for the Council Chambers."

Is there nobody concerned regarding the conflict of interest?

Is it all about the mighty $$$ ?

Michael P Moore said...

It was a rather obvious joke about new furniture for the Council chambers..

Can't you see a joke when it's shoved down your throat!?

If this is the level on intellect that are voting this weekend.. god help us all.